This iPhone 8 concept won't forget the iPhone's roots


by Gordon Gottsegen April 6, 2017 2:19 PM PDT @ggottsegen

If you could design the upcoming iPhone 8 (or iPhone X, or whatever Apple calls its next-generation phone), what would it look like?

Designer Martin Hajek, who has a track record of creating 3D renders of rumored Apple products, put together a new iPhone 8 concept for German site Computer Bild, based on speculation about the device.

Apple is rumored to be making some big hardware changes to celebrate the iPhone's 10th anniversary, some of which include edge-to-edge OLED screens, removal of the home button, a glass-and-steel body, and wireless charging. With all these changes possibly coming, we may be in store for a drastically redesigned phone.

Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Although Hajek's concept isn't officially backed by Apple, it does give us something to daydream about. Hajek's design includes a black bar as an artistic nod to the antenna on the first-generation iPhone. While the black stripe appeared out of necessity on the original iPhone, technological advances mean that phonemakers can better camouflage any antennas.

The concept phone is seen next to the current iPhone 7. While the two devices look roughly the same size, Hajek imagines the iPhone 8 to have a much bigger screen, thanks to smaller bezels. This draws similarities to the size of the Galaxy S8 and its predecessor, the Galaxy S7.

For more pictures, check out the full gallery on Computer Bild.

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photo This iPhone 8 concept won't forget the iPhone's roots images

photo of This iPhone 8 concept won't forget the iPhone's roots

Relax This iPhone 8 concept won't forget the iPhone's roots stories

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