Mother whale carries a spectacular escape between the killer whales

The mother gray whale is determined to not let the young to become a meal for the 12 killer whales though they can hit enough to separate and drown the whales.

Photos from unmanned aircraft show that killer whales catch gray whales to eat meat on April 30. It seems that they are doing an offensive to teach the juveniles in the predatory herd, according to Grind TV.

A video by Slater Moore of Discovery Whale Watch records killer whale attacks. Attacks occur every spring when a group of killer whales use steep alleys in Monterey Bay in California to conduct each pair of migrating gray whales.

Picture 1 of Mother whale carries a spectacular escape between the killer whales
The young gray whale climbs on her mother's back to avoid the attack of the killer whales approaching.(Photo: YouTube).

Another video shot by the Monterey Bay Whale Watch company revealed the outcome of the hunt. The last group of killer whales must leave the defensive ability without revealing a gap of the mother gray whale.

The mother whale is determined to keep the baby's head above the water by placing it on her back. The killer whales several times tried to rush in and separate the offspring from their mothers but all failed. Earlier, the killer whale killed and ate five young gray whales this season.

The mother whale seems to be very experienced in dealing with killer whales. At the end of the hunt that lasted about an hour, the whale's mother was safe and swam out to sea. The whale is still swimming normally and still seems to be healthy even after being hit by a killer whale.

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