Mysterious glare in the sky of Russia

People in Russia's Sverdlovsk province witnessed and recorded images of strong light spreading across the sky, but scientists are currently unable to explain this phenomenon.

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According to RT, the dark sky in the town of Rezh turns orange on the evening of November 14. No incidents or accidents involved, explosion sounds are not recorded.

The mysterious light hypothesis is discussed in the media, with a bias toward meteorite or military exercises in the area. Emergency agency officials and the city government said this was an activity to deal with explosives. However, the military rejected this idea.

Picture 1 of Mysterious glare in the sky of Russia
The night sky in Rezh town turned yellow with the appearance of a strong light on November 14.(Photo: RT)

"There are no exercises or training conducted on that day, and there are no units based in this area, so we have nothing to do with the incident , " page reports of military communications department said.

Another idea is that this is the emergence of a fireball, forming after an asteroid collision with the Earth's atmosphere. However, according to astronomer Vadim Krushinsky, fireballs are often white and brighter, not orange-yellow.

A space rocket launch was also blamed, based on the location of the runway at the Plesetsk space airport in the region. However, the Russian Federal Space Agency's website only released the latest launch date on October 29, and the next operation is scheduled for November 24.

Sverdlovsk is located on the eastern side of the Ural Mountains. More than a year ago, the massive meteorite explosion caused heavy damage to people in the provinces of Chelyabinsk, Tyumen, Kyrgan, Sverdlovsk, as well as many localities along the mountains.

On February 15 last year, meteorites about 15 meters in diameter plunged into the atmosphere at 64,000km / hr and exploded at a height of 19-24km above the ground. The energy source when exploded is equivalent to the explosion of about 300-500,000 tons of TNT, and is 30 times stronger than the power of the Hiroshima bomb, Japan, 1945.