Mysteriously the circle of 'devil's' land, grass cannot grow

Local legends say that strange land circle is the land of demons. At night, the devil will rise from the fiery hell and come to this place, depriving all life forms of trying to take root.

In the forest on the outskirts of Siler, North Carolina, the United States has a strange, 4-square-meter land circle called the Devil's Tramping Ground , which cannot grow anything, including some grass.

The place that cannot grow anything is some grass.

Meanwhile, other areas around the trees are good. Local legend says that it is the land of demons.

Over the years, the land of demons has become the subject of many spooky stories, also receiving the attention of scientists.

Local people make many inferences about this special land area. Some legends say that the circle created by the devil and the items left on it will disappear after a night.

One of the most famous stories is about male tourists who sleep here. When they woke up, they were surprised to find themselves in another area, a few kilometers away from the old place.

Many others believe that this is an ancient meeting place of Native American tribes. They created a circle to perform ritual dances.

This land is located in an area of ​​high terrain, flat, poor drainage, acidic soil.

However, according to reports by two researchers Stephen Hall and Marjorie W. Boyer, the site is in an area of ​​high terrain, flat, poor drainage, acidic soil.

The number of rare plants here are those adapted to strong acidic soil conditions, changing the humidity from extremely dry during the summer to flooding in the east.

Before that, the forest used to have many hardwood trees before planting pine trees. One hypothesis is that the former circle is where logs are burned to extract rosin .