NASA captured 5 strange waves from the universe for 1 month

NASA observers have captured five cosmic signals over the past month that they suspect are ripples from terrible disasters in space.

5 strange signals in the form of gravitational waves from the distant space to Earth and by NASA's Laser Interferometer (LIGO) Observatory, under the cooperation of Virgo's observation system Europe, catch.

Simulation of the black hole event swallowed NAOJ's "cosmic monster" neutron star.

Notably, all five waves came to Earth in just one month, even though their origins could take the world away, hundreds of millions of light years away.

According to NASA, at least three of the five waves come from a "collision black hole" 500 million light-years away from us, activated from the fusion of two neutron stars.

Neutron stars are a form in which stars can reincarnate at the end of the evolutionary process. It is usually formed from what's left when a big star dies after a supernova explosion. They are very hot, radioactive and have extremely intense magnetic fields, one of the most hostile environments in the universe. Upon impact, the dense core of two neutron stars exploded causing shocking waves.

One of the remaining signals may come from a collision between a black hole and a neutron star . A large black hole devoured the neutron star and released a wave of "cosmic tear , " according to the description of scientist Patrick Brady, LIGO spokesman. This "reprogramming" of the earthquake is estimated to be 1.3 billion light-years away but so powerful that it reaches the Earth.

Scientists are still confirming the hypothesis that the black hole swallowed neutron stars and if proven, it will be the first time humans know about the black hole's horrifying meal.