NASA director revealed the first person to Mars

NASA Director Jim Bridenstine recently revealed information about the first person to Mars on a television talk.

According to Fox news , NASA Director Jim Bridenstine told the program "Science Friday" that there is a high possibility that women are the next person to visit the Moon and who also set footsteps First up the red planet.

Most likely women are the first to set foot on Mars.(Illustration)

Jim Bridenstine said: "It is entirely possible that the woman is the next person to the Moon. Moreover, the person who first set foot on Mars could be a woman."

NASA shares the most pressing challenge that people face when it comes to Mars is adapting to the environment and how to handle waste.

Besides, Jim Bridenstine also talked about the mission to the Moon. NASA is also looking for the next person to go to the Moon after Neil Armstrong's footsteps.

Jim Bridenstine had previously stated that NASA's near goal was to bring astronauts back to the moon and set up a permanent base on it for the first time.

In early March, NASA also confirmed that it had recruited two astronauts to make the first ever universal women's space flight. Two selected female astronauts, Anne McClain and Christina Koch, made a space flight on March 29.

According to CNN, for the first time in history, a crew with only women will perform a mission to fly into space.