NASA has just revealed an exciting plan from now until 2030

NASA's plan for the period 2020 is highly appreciated by scientists and astronomers. It will open a new era of human space exploration.

As one of the world's leading Aerospace Agencies, NASA always has plans for decades. And recently, they have revealed upcoming plans, from now until 2020, and it makes many people excited.

Accordingly, NASA is looking forward to the early 2020s, with the ambition of laying the foundation for people to explore the universe in the future.

"We will take people," said Robert Lightfoot, NASA's operations administrator. "We will have continuous flights, helping people do what they have to do with this satellite."

People will build a space station near the Moon.

According to Lightfoot, NASA is planning to build a new space station after ISS is about to be canceled. It was a space station near the Moon , under the name Lunar Orbital Platform-Gateway . The first part of the station will be launched in 2022.

Since 2023, NASA will proceed to create a living environment for the station. Currently, the space station model is being designed, so that the crew can stay there from 30 - 60 days / time.

First, NASA will start landing with the previous robot, then bring people to the surface of the Moon. According to Lightfoot, this will be the "decade for the human moon".

"The new space station will give us information about the space between Earth and the Moon," said William Gerstenmaier from the exploration and exploration board.

"It will promote commercial activities with international partners, helping us to exploit resources from the Moon. In addition, the experience gained is also very helpful for the mission to explore Mars later. ".

This will be the first time humans have returned to the Moon since 1972.

NASA said, the space station will have a safety lock for astronauts to walk in the universe, while serving some other research purposes. The tasks of supplying necessities to the current ISS - like SpaceX still working - will be transferred to this station.

Overall, this will be a new era for people in the universe, and it makes many scientists feel excited.