Nghe An: Digging the foundation of the house with the treasure of ancient coins

A 36kg coin pot has just been discovered by Lang Van Trung (SN 1984), in Cam Hoa village, Cam Son commune, Anh Son district (Nghe An) while digging a foundation to build a house.

Accordingly, while digging foundations to build houses, Mr. Lang Van Trung dug a chinaware jar, contained many ancient coins inside . Strangely, many people in the curious area rushed to watch.

Mr. Lang Van Trung and an antique pot weighed 36kg.

Mr. Trung said: 'When the machine was scooping soil to a depth of about 1.2m, it touched a strange object, initially thought it had to be kicked, but when it approached, a jar with lid was covered, covered with mud. When opening the lid of the jar and scratching the thin layer of soil above, you see that all coins are underneath, suspected to be a kind of coins. '

The gourd jar that Trung's family has discovered has a beautiful shape, about 45cm high, the largest diameter of about 30cm. The total weight of the money pot is 36kg.

The ancient money is round, the middle has a square hole but has been rusted.

This is a kind of coin, round, middle with square hole but rusted. On the façade, there are pictures of Han but have been oxidized so it is difficult to read. Shortly thereafter, Trung's family washed the money and cleaned the jar very carefully.

Mr. Lang Van Tham, Head of Cam Hoa village, Cam Son commune confirmed, the fact that Mr. Lang Van Trung and the villagers just discovered a jar of coins is real. This place of digging the jar of coins is the land of firewood left by many ancestors of Trung's family.

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