• Victalastic paint effectively waterproof Victalastic paint effectively waterproof
    the institute of construction science and technology (ministry of construction) has researched and produced a waterproof paint called polyme - victalastic. new on the market, but the product is rated as good quality and cost competitive
  • Honda produces self-propelled cars Honda produces self-propelled cars
    honda accord adas automatically increases and decreases speed - even running around the bends. every ten seconds, the driver just touches the steering wheel. this honda accord will be sold for $ 45,580 in march and all l
  • Superlative glasses Superlative glasses
    international astronomers are preparing to install the world's largest telescope, possibly
  • He revealed the automatic spy plane He revealed the automatic spy plane
    photographs of uk's first unmanned reconnaissance plane, bae systems, have just launched. corax carries some of the characteristics of the us military reconnaissance aircraft that have stopped using darkstar. if you look only at the shape of corax, n
  • Fire control robot Fire control robot
    for the first time, china has built the exploration robot used to control explosions. this robot has just passed the technical test of scientists in charge of the national science and technology program. this type of robot is the result of a match
  • Robot stairs Robot stairs
    on january 23, department of science and technology ho chi minh city has the second acceptance of the topic 'robot climbing stairs'. in front of the test board, the robot climbing the stairs has already exceeded the stairs nearly 10 meters easily, then the robot automatically climbed downhill.
  • The spacecraft itself 'welds' the cracks The spacecraft itself 'welds' the cracks
    a new material can help the space ship automatically
  • Turn cars into gas ... drinking water Turn cars into gas ... drinking water
    us scientists have tested the engine turning the engine's exhaust gases into drinking water. if successful, the technology would help soldiers get enough water for at least three days without supply. the device consists of a converter, with t
  • Nano paint for bathroom Nano paint for bathroom
    thanks to a new titanium dioxide coating, the bathroom in the future will always be clean, without the need to clean hands. according to prof. rose amal, with this material, families and hospitals will not have to use surface cleaners as well as chemicals.
  • Robot probe abdomen people Robot probe abdomen people
    researchers at the university of nebraska have successfully created a robotic robot that can move inside the human abdomen, helping the doctor see where the area will be surgically treated.
  • Robot poured beer Robot poured beer
    japan's asahi brewery plans to distribute 5,000 robots for personal beers. each robot can hold up to 6 cans of beer in a cold chamber in their belly.
  • Japan develops technology to help roots grow three times faster Japan develops technology to help roots grow three times faster
    under severe conditions, drought in the desert desert of saudi arabia, roots must be ingested to the ground from 20-80 cm to get water. and usually, the tree is not alive until its roots find water. but recently japanese scientists say they have
  • Inventing water pumps Inventing water pumps
    the use of water power to produce electricity for living and production has become commonplace. but with teacher tran dinh huan, who used water instead of fuel to pump water on high hills, this is an idea.
  • Robot battlefield Robot battlefield
    singapore has successfully tested the packbot battlefield robot, which can replace humans in dangerous areas, research the terrain and transfer information to military commanders. each packbot robot is no larger than the famous r2-d2 robot in sta
  • Producing electricity by seawater mixing river water Producing electricity by seawater mixing river water
    the country will be the coal of the future, the french science fiction novelist jules verne predicted it in 1874. more than 100 years later, dutch and norwegian scientists believe that they can turn their minds around. verne's dream came true. cooperation with the company sta
  • Watch 'plastic' Watch 'plastic'
    a japanese watchmaker has announced it has created the world's first flexible wall clock, as thin as a film and can bend around a corner. this watch is only 3 millimeters thick and offers sharp vision from many angles
  • Use brain waves to open bank accounts Use brain waves to open bank accounts
    at present, some companies are offering iris recognition systems and many countries want to install this system in biometric passports. but julie thorpe, a researcher at carleton university (ottawa, canada) wants to go beyond this idea.
  • Flights from Moscow to New York less than 1 hour Flights from Moscow to New York less than 1 hour
    in the past, traveling around the world in 80 days sounded impossible. today, the round-the-world in 80 minutes also seems beyond human capabilities. only astronauts can fly so fast. but everything has changed.
  • Sony's QRIO Robots with a third eye Sony's QRIO Robots with a third eye
    robots have not been able to do anything like humans, however, the final version of sony's robotics has a very interesting theme: the third eye. equipped with a cctv camera at the location of the third eye, qrio - rob's name
  • X-ray equipment 'double' doubles the shooting speed X-ray equipment 'double' doubles the shooting speed
    an advanced scanner has been born with the ability to take pictures in less time than the heart rate. the somatom definition consists of two scans, which are twice as fast as normal images. manufacturers siemens said that thanks to high speed, this device is ideal for c

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