Put the asteroid name according to the new dynasty's chronology in the 'sunrise country'

Tsutomu Seki astronomer living in Kochi, Japan decided to name an asteroid that he found three decades ago as 'Reiwa' - coinciding with the country's new era.

Mr. Seki on May 5 sent a proposal to call the asteroid that the 88-year-old astronomer found in the west of the 1989 Pleiades star Reiwanohoshi , meaning 'Reiwa's Star ' (Star of Reiwa) , to the International Astronomical Union.

Astronomer Tsutomu Seki.(Photo: comet-seki.net).

Mr. Seki's request is expected to be approved in the next one or two months.

Reiwa Dynasty (Order of Peace) began on May 1, 2019 when Prince Crown Prince Naruhito became the 126th emperor of Japan.

Sharing his decision, Mr. Seki said: 'Initially I did not intend to name this asteroid, but my astronomical friends encouraged me to do so.' .

Asteroids are found by astronomer Tsutomu Seki, who is nicknamed 'comet hunter' , not visible to the naked eye, with an estimated diameter of about 10km. As of now, Seki has found 223 asteroids and 6 comets, including the brightest 20th-century comet Ikeya-Seki discovered by him in 1965.

In 1990, Seki also named Emperor Emperor Akihito's reign as the Heisei (Binh Thanh) to place one of his asteroids discovered. The Heisei dynasty lasted three decades ending on April 30, when Emperor Akihito officially abdicated.

'I hope the world will become peaceful during Reiwa dynasty, after Heisei dynasty has witnessed a series of natural disasters,' Seki said.

Seki is also planning to hold an astronomical observation event the following fall, when the asteroid Reiwanohoshi is expected to reach Earth.