Repair sewer, dig ... whole mysterious temple 2,200 years old

An ancient temple of the pharaohs, splendid and mysterious, has been found rarely on the banks of the Nile, in Egypt.

The construction of a sewer in the city of Tama (Egypt) inadvertently kept scientists busy. In the process of digging, the workers discovered something strange and ancient.

The Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities identified it as an ornate and magnificent temple , dating from 2,200 years old. So far, archaeologists have taken over and opened the district with a wall lying in the direction of East - West, a wall of North - South direction and the southwest corner of the temple, carved with images depicting the god Hapi , is the symbol of fertility and flood, the patron of ancient Egyptian agriculture.

Picture 1 of Repair sewer, dig ... whole mysterious temple 2,200 years old
Scientists are working in the excavation area - (photo: Egyptian Antiquities Department).

The reliefs depict Hapi carrying sacrifices surrounded by birds and other animals. Currently the excavation process is still ongoing. The construction of a sewer system must be stopped indefinitely.

The process of research shows that this mysterious relic is 2,200 years old, which existed under the pharaoh Ptolemy IV of Egypt. The temple texts also mention the pharaoh Ptolemy IV.

Picture 2 of Repair sewer, dig ... whole mysterious temple 2,200 years old
A close-up of a temple bas-relief - (photo: Egyptian Antiques Department).

Ptolemy IV was the fourth pharaoh of Ptolemaic dynasty of Egypt. This dynasty was considered unsuccessful, because the pharaoh was more of a traveling man, more like an artist than a king, and all authority was given to an ambitious religious official named Sosibius . At the end of the dynasty, the Egyptians rebelled against this pharaoh. Ptolemy IV ruled from 221-204 BC.

Tama City - where the temple was found - is a modern city located north of Sohag (Egypt), on the west bank of Nile. An area of ​​the city called Kom Shaqao is located on the same land that was the capital of district 10 of Upper Egypt, a rich settlement thousands of years ago.

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