'Reveal' the most favorable place for aliens to observe the Earth

Imagine that you are an alien and always want to study the Earth or 'look at this place with jealous eyes', then the question is: Where is the most suitable place for you to place the Earth detector Land? Physicist James Benford has the answer for you.

There are places around the Earth that make it possible for objects in space to orbit around Earth. These places are in 1 - 1 orbital resonance and so they always maintain a nearly constant distance from the Earth, like our planet orbits the Sun.

Picture 1 of 'Reveal' the most favorable place for aliens to observe the Earth
The image of the 'rising' Earth was taken from the Moon Reconnaissance Orbiter.(Photo: NASA).

In an article published in the Astronomy Journal, Benford explained how orbiting resonance with the Earth would give 'snoopers' an ideal place to explore the Earth. At the same time, he also listed three orbits that these objects could take advantage of.

For example, the asteroid Cruithne , known as Earth's 'second moon' , is predicted to leave its current orbit in about 5,000 years. Or Kamo'oalewa (or 2016 HO3) is also the smallest, closest, most stable asteroid and is considered to be almost Earth's satellite. This planet, 100 years ago, just went into its current orbit now. And there are many suspicious objects to explore in the future.

Benford thinks that these objects and their nearby 'neighbors' are time to study SETI. By using wavelengths from radio equipment to optics or infrared, we can study those orbiting objects and find out whether 'snoopers' and their Earth snooping devices up there or not. The physicist also proposed the idea of ​​sending our probing robots to get closer to research.

'What will it take us to study these objects? Definitely a source of working time with telescopes, radio and infrared devices. But what we do is we will study newly discovered objects. This could be an extremely interesting astronomy topic. We know almost nothing about them , ' the physicist Benford adds in the paper.

The article did not forget to mention the places that are not ideal for 'snooping' like near the Earth, on the Moon or on the far outer of the asteroids.

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