Scientists absolutely warn against raising octopus

Scientists absolutely warn against raising octopus : The reason given is that the environmental impacts that octopus will create.

Global demand for octopus as a food is increasing and octopus continues to be pushed up in 2019.

The octopus catch in nature is very different, which contributes to unreliable supply so the efforts to raise octopus have begun. In many countries around the world, efforts are underway to produce an octopus farm, including genetic modification trials to speed up the aquaculture process.

Picture 1 of Scientists absolutely warn against raising octopus

Picture 1 of Scientists absolutely warn against raising octopus

Octopus farming brings many problems to the natural environment.

Consequently, it will cause pollution of nitrogen and phosphorus from animal waste, alternating and spreading disease, loss of habitat.

But the biggest environmental concern is the octopus's diet . Like most aquatic organisms, they are carnivores and need protein, fish oil in their diet.

The researchers wrote: "Farming octopus puts more pressure on wild fish and invertebrates for fishmeal. About a third of global fish catch is converted into food for the fish. "Other animals, about half of which are aquaculture. Fish are overfished and are declining."

Octopuses need a lot of food, at least 3 times their weight throughout their lives and make sure their needs are met on factory farms that will create more, no less pressure on farmers. Fisheries are declining. This may affect global food security for people .

Besides, even if this problem can be solved, capturing octopus in farms is said to be very cruel .

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