Secretly discovered in the medieval castle

Archaeologists have discovered two secret rooms in Drum, a 700-year-old medieval castle of Scotland.

Drum Castle , near Banchory town, Aberdeen county, Scotland is the oldest intact building of Scotland. During the survey to plan restoration to preserve the past, archaeologists discovered two secret rooms inside this castle .

For a long time archaeologists had doubts in Drum Castle with secret hermits, namely the mysterious paths on the second floor. However, their long quests did not bring results until the time. recently

Drum Castle is now 700 years old.(Photo: Scotsman)

Dr Jonathan Clark from conservation organization FAS Heritage said: 'We cannot see this secret room because they are hidden by the bookshelves of the castle library. We used to think that the castle had nothing more to explore, especially when many areas were buried in ruins.

So we were surprised to find the door of the room in that ruined stone brick. Thanks to the dim light of the flashlight and through the dust of centuries, we found a perfectly preserved medieval room. "

"This discovery tells us a lot more about the interior used in the Middle Ages, about how people use towers during their heyday , " Dr. Clark added.

And yet, soon archaeologists have discovered a second secret room in the castle.

Dr. Clark said: "The next day, as we continued our work, we had an interesting discovery: a second chamber that, according to legend, was the place where the historic character of Maria Irvine of Scotland hid her brother. in three years after the defeat of the Culloden battle, this is a great discovery, we will take pictures and measure what we have discovered to be able to preserve and investigate archeology on this important castle. carefully".

It is known that both the land and the castle were granted to William de Irwyn by King Robert Bruce in 1325 and expanded by generations of the Irvines from the 13th to the 1975 century.