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US targets Kelihos botnet after Russian's arrest in Spain

The botnet is responsible for millions of spam emails each year, as well as password theft and malware injection.

Cyberattacks via CIA tools happened a lot, Symantec says

The security company came to that conclusion after looking into the disclosure of the hacking tools by WikiLeaks.

Russian arrested in Spain for allegedly hacking US election

Reports suggest the arrest may have been carried out on an international warrant issued by the US government.

GameStop confirms possible breach of customer credit card info

The game retailer says it's working to address the issue.

The 3 best ways to protect your iCloud account

Hackers have obtained working iCloud passwords. Use these methods to make sure yours isn't at risk.

What is WikiLeaks?

WikiLeaks releases lots of classified information to the public. But who is behind WikiLeaks and how does the organization work?

Hackers use FAFSA tool to steal $30 million from IRS

Up to 100,000 people are exposed to identity theft after thieves exploited an IRS tool meant to help students apply for college loans.

Buzz off! This smart vibrator is vulnerable to peeping hacks

Others might be enjoying your sex toy with a view.

Hackers blamed for activating emergency sirens in Dallas

Residents get a Texas-size wake-up call from 156 city emergency sirens.

Microsoft Office vulnerabilities mean no .doc is safe

On the same day as a big Windows 10 update, Microsoft is patching an Office flaw that could let hackers take control of your machine.

Tax deadline is on April 18. Get your returns before hackers do.

You might hate doing your taxes, but with $5.8 billion to gain, criminals will gladly file them.

Backed by US troops, SDF confident can capture IS ‘capital’

The main Syrian Kurdish force fighting Islamic State militants in northern Syria said Friday that it has enough fighters to take the extremists’ de facto capital of Raqqa with the help of the U.S.-led coalition - remarks that reflect a veiled warning to Ankara and also to rival, Turkey-backed opposition forces making headway toward the city.

Trump transition knew Flynn might register as foreign agent

President Donald Trump’s transition team learned before the inauguration that incoming National Security Adviser Michael Flynn might register with the government as a foreign agent, White House officials acknowledged Friday.

THAAD missile shield to South Korea gives Donald Trump advantage over China on North Korea

A sophisticated missile defense system being delivered to South Korea may give President Trump a bargaining chip that no other U.S. president has had to pressure China to rein in North Korea’s ballistic missile and nuclear programs.

Donald Trump, U.S. intel battle after Michael Flynn ouster leaving allies around world unnerved

The Trump White House and the U.S. intelligence community moved closer to open warfare in the wake of National Security Adviser Michael Flynn’s spectacular downfall — and the fallout is unnerving key American intelligence partners around the world, according to several high-level national security sources.

Russia tests U.S. with provocations on land, sea and air

An intelligence ship cruising just off the East Coast. A cruise missile test that may violate arms treaties. A string of Russian fighter jet fly-bys that buzz U.S. and allied ships. Provocations all along the fault lines separating Russia from the West, from the Baltics to the Balkans.

Donald Trump brings ‘art of the deal’ to Middle East peace negotiations

At his first White House meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, President Trump shook up Middle East peace negotiations Tuesday, forging a stronger alliance with the Jewish state and threatening to walk away from a two-state solution for the Palestinians.

North Koreans celebrate missile launch during festivities honoring Kim Jong-il

A defiant North Korea upped the ante in its dangerous game of brinkmanship with the United States and its allies over its nuclear weapons program, going public with a large celebration in Pyongyang on Tuesday of what it claims was a successful ballistic missile launch over the weekend.

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