SpaceX launches cargo ships to ISS

The Dragon left the launch pad in the state of Florida, and the US carried out the task of carrying 2,500kg of goods to the International Space Station.

The Dragon board left the launch pad to the ISS station.(Photo: UPI).

After many delays, SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket on 4/5 officially left the launch pad at Cape Canavera Air Station in the state of Florida, USA, carrying the Dragon cargo ship to the International Space Station (ISS). It is expected that 2,500kg of goods including research equipment, crew supplies and supplies will arrive at the ISS station on Monday.

SpaceX spokesperson confirmed the first floor of the rocket had split and landed successfully on a landing zone floating in the Atlantic Ocean, about 19km from the coast. Meanwhile, Dragon ship continues its journey and will automatically connect with the ISS station when it reaches the destination.

The ship was originally scheduled to launch on May 1, but the incident involving the electrical system on the ISS station caused the launch to be pushed back to the weekend. Besides, technical problems also caused experts to bring the landing zone floating on the Atlantic Ocean to the mainland to repair on Friday.

This is SpaceX's 17th freighter in the commercial supply contract with NASA. The Dragon Ship had previously carried 2,900kg of goods to the ISS station in a mission called the CRS-12 launched on August 14, 2017.