Strange light hinders people from discovering the Moon

Although scientists have made significant discoveries about the Moon since humans first set foot on the new land in 1969, there is still a strange phenomenon that confuses them for decades.

According to Fox News, random rays of light from the Moon's surface, known as "transient Moon phenomenon", confound scientists for decades.

These mysterious, bizarre rays of light can happen randomly, sometimes it appears several times a week. Usually, they only last for a few minutes, but they can last for hours.

Picture 1 of Strange light hinders people from discovering the Moon

Picture 1 of Strange light hinders people from discovering the Moon

This phenomenon only lasts for a few minutes, but it can exist for hours.(Illustration).

There have been some explanations over the years, such as light coming from meteorites to the Moon, or visiting UFOs . but nothing has been proven. A new telescope in Spain that has just been installed is expected to provide answers.

According to the team of scientist Hakan Kayal at JMU in Bavaria (Germany) who created the new telescope in Spain - said the glass is observing the surface of the Moon 24/7, with hi Hopefully soon find a solution to the above mysteries.

Hakan Kayal said: "The so-called transient Moon phenomenon has been known since the 1950s, but at that time humans were inadequate and could not observe the Moon for a long time to find the sentence. reply".

Even Apollo 11 astronaut Michael Collins - who went to the moon in 1969 - also shared with the NASA Aerospace Agency about this strange phenomenon.

Michael Collins once talked about the Moon (July 15, 1969): "There is a more illuminated area, quite remarkable compared to the surrounding area. It also seems to have a little fluorescence. You can see see a crater and the area around the crater is quite bright ".

In another development, in January 2019, China landed the Chang'e 4 explorer ship on the Moon, becoming the first country to land in the dark on "Earth's natural satellite satellite".

Of course, the mysteries of Hang Nga or Sister Hang (how to call the Moon of the Chinese people) will soon be solved in the coming time. After 40 years of setting foot on the Moon, people are returning to this place stronger and with more modern research equipment.