Strange light in the night of confusion in Colombia

The night sky of Colombia suddenly appeared, illuminating the town of Ocana and disappearing, confusing the people and the local government.

A mysterious glare flew across the sky of Ocana town for a few minutes before gradually disappearing on the horizon. The witness said the strange light disappeared near the town of Aguas Claras.

Many people also quickly returned to the strange phenomenon suddenly appeared in the night sky. These clips then spread at a rapid pace on social networks.

Picture 1 of Strange light in the night of confusion in Colombia
Strange light glides in the night sky.

In the clip, a man also shouted in Spanish: "It's not a star, not an airplane. It's Superman!"

"It's moving , " said another.

Many people joked that this could be the light from the alien spaceship that wants to land but must assess the risk around first or the end of the world. But there are also eyes that conclude that this is most likely a flare or something being shot up into the sky.

Users named Dixon Florez Castro on Facebook offer a rather plausible explanation: " This is a flare that is used even for military operations . This type of flares illuminates a large area at night and is often used. When it comes to landing or observing, it looks dramatic because it is cloudy. "

Local authorities and people are bewildered, not knowing where the origin of strange light is.