Strange objects like alien planets drifted to the US coast

A strange object that appears at the coast of an island in South Carolina, USA is causing a stir in the online community.

According to Sputnik radio, the Lowcountry NGO Marine Mammal Network, Charleston-based Lowcountry Marine Animal System, posted an image of a strange circular object of size big drifting on Seabrook island coast.

Strange objects washed up on the island near the city of Charleston, South Carolina.(Photo: Lowcountry Marine Mammal Network).

Local officials came and recovered the strange object, making netizens more questionable and hypothetical.

'It's obviously an alien ship,' said Meghan Galipeau, a hypothetical theorist.

Meanwhile, some other Facebook users simply assume that it's just inside a buoy or part of an oil rig.

The most popular hypothesis is the explanation from a netizen named Jim Elrod. The man claimed that the object was owned by NASA, the rocket propeller part of the space shuttle Challenger that exploded 30 years ago.

In June, the Charlotte Observer also reported on a similar strange object - made of metal - drifting to the coast of Corolla. However, the purpose and origin of that strange object has never been published.