Strange objects suspected of being sea monsters appeared on the US coast

The strange object with a length of more than 10m appears on the Oregon coast after the storm made many people speculate that it was a sea monster.

After the big waves affected by the storm over 15m, local residents in Oregon are still not surprised by the appearance of a strange object on the beach. This object lands on the Half Moon bay area.

Strange objects appear on the US coast.

In the video returned by a citizen, the large object was seen lying motionless on the beach.

This looks like a creature, YouTube channel MrMBB333 commented.

It is not like the remnant of a shipwreck. It looks similar to a very large ink.

The video of the current strange object has attracted more than 50,000 views. But no one has explained what that is.

Some thought it was a sea monster. Others think it is a giant ink. However, some reviewers may be the dead body of a whale.

In addition, there are other comments that analyze the object in the video that could be a large seaweed body, not a monster at all.

Currently, local residents and conspiracy theorists are still arguing bitterly because the video quality is not good, so it is difficult to identify.