Strange secret hidden behind 7 'haunted' paintings

Have you ever felt suffocated and overwhelmed by the beautiful pictures? Besides, mysterious and strange stories also make them more famous.

1. The Isleworth Mona Lisa

Most people visit the Louvre in France just to admire this painting. The picture of Mona Lisa is not strange to anyone in the world, the famous work of Leonardo da Vinci still has many mysteries that cannot be discovered until today. One of the most famous mysteries, is the syndrome called Stendhal. Stendhal syndrome causes viewers to hallucinate, as if they are living inside the picture, hallucinations even create suicidal psychology.

And yet another version of the Mona Lisa painting, thought to be a drawing at the hands of Leonardo da Vinci, was even drawn a few years earlier. This painting was found in a personal collection about a century ago, today it is managed by the Prado, Madrid, Spain museum. Hopefully this picture will help solve the mystery about the Mona Lisa.

2. The Stagecraft

Painter Laura P. drew this picture from a photo of James Kidd. And James Kidd insists that, when taking a photo, no man appeared on the left side of the picture, the man suddenly appeared after the photo was washed.

The painting was later said to be haunted, it often turned upside-down, though no one touched, and caused many horrifying supernatural phenomena to force people to burn it.

3. The Crying Boy (Translation: The baby cries)

Italian artist Bruno Amadio drew 65 versions of the picture of the boy crying and selling it to tourists after World War II. This painting is said to be cursed in some areas in the UK. Legend has it that the painting author burned a match in front of the boy's eyes to make him cry before drawing the picture. Up to this point, the print of the Crying Boy painting was found in more than 50 fires across the UK.

4. The Rokeby Venus

The picture itself was a mystery, because the face reflected in the mirror of Venus is not as beautiful and holy as one imagined. This painting also contains some mysterious supernatural powers. All the owners of this painting were pursued by the disaster, and all tried to throw away the painting. At the beginning of the 20th century, the painting was left at the London National Library, and continued to cause many strange things here, by 1914, a feminist activist had stabbed this painting with five slaughter knives. , and since then, the curse of the painting has completely ceased.

5. The Rain Woman (Temporarily translated: The rain woman)

Rain woman painted by Ukrainian artist Svetlana Telets is a very strange image. The painting was painted in just 5 hours, and the female painter said that her hand had been controlled by someone to paint it. Everyone who bought the painting said that they had a feeling of anxiety, restlessness, insomnia and believing that there was always someone watching them.

6. Portrait of Bernardo de Galvez

Galvez Hotel in the US is an attractive place for those who love ghost stories and novels. Here, the painting entitled " Portrait of Bernardo de Galvez" becomes a buzzing topic of people when causing many difficult to explain phenomena. Many people think that they always see the eyes in the picture watching them, whether they are moving to any angle of the picture. And strangely, images of portraits are always deleted or imperfect.

7. The Hands Resist Him

Bill Stoneham, the author of the photo, said he drew this painting based on memories in his childhood. There have been many claims that this painting was haunted, the owner said that, at night, they saw the children in the picture moving and fighting. Many people think that the picture makes me have a headache, anxiety and restlessness.