Swallowed 22kg of plastic garbage, the mother's body was buried when she had not given birth

Conceiving the small fish mixed between 22kg of plastic, the perpetrator deprived both mothers of sperm whales in Sardinia, Italy, causing many people to sympathize, resent and fear before the ocean garbage disaster.

According to CNN , the body of an 8m-long sperm whale washed over the coast of Sardinia last week. The veterinarians in Padua city were stunned by the sight of a lot of plastic garbage and a baby fetus in its belly when surgery for the cause of death.

Picture 1 of Swallowed 22kg of plastic garbage, the mother's body was buried when she had not given birth
Photo: Cuartesy SeMe Sardinia

Conceiving the sperm whale is mixed between a lot of garbage bags, fishing nets, chains, tubes, liquid bags of washing machines, plastic bags and many other types of garbage.

"The sperm whale has lost her baby and floated to the surface. The pregnancy was still in a normal state of development," said Luca Bittau, head of SeaMe Marine Protection.

To this end, Italian Environment Minister Sergio Costa expressed anger in a post on his personal page: "I don't understand why there are still people who say this is not an important issue? I think reducing waste and cleaning the ocean are top priorities ".

"We have to bear the consequences of using plastic once without control," the minister wrote.

Sergio Costa also mentioned the recent European Parliament approval of a ban on single-use plastic items such as straws, cotton swabs and plastic spoons in 2021.

"Italy will be one of the first countries to implement this law. This is a war and we will not stop!" , he committed.

Last month, a baby whale also drifted into the Philippine Sea with 40kg of plastic bags in the abdomen.

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