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Cows want to be outside as much as they want food

Give the cows what they want: pasture.

Coal plants are in 'freefall' amid declining demand overseas

New power plant construction dipped by two-thirds in 2016, with declining investments in China and India accelerating the trend.

Don't want internet providers to sell your info? Read on.

The Trump administration just took the first step in allowing internet providers to sell your browsing habits and personal information.

The dark web: Inside the hacker's playground

Hackers can be anywhere — down the street from their victims, or on another continent — but they all have a home base: the Dark Web.

Burger King's new ad tries to triggers your Google Home, backfires

Google Home no longer responds to an actor's voice in the commercial when he say, "OK Google, what is the Whopper burger?"

Another one bites the dust at Uber

And another one bites the dust at Uber.

Google hits back with pages of data after claims of pay inequality

When the Department of Labor questioned Google's pay equality, Google did what Google does best: Produced pages and pages of results.

Hoverboard blaze kills 2-year-old, marking first such fatality in U.S.

Scott Wolfson, a Consumer Products Safety Commission spokesman, said that there have been more than 60 hoverboard fires since the fall of 2015.

Google is tapping thousands of 'quality raters' to flag offensive results

The tech giant intends for its raters to apply an 'Upsetting-Offensive' flag to pages that promote hate or violence against a group of people.

House votes in favor of letting ISPs sell your browsing history

President Trump's signature is all that is needed now to roll back Obama-era rules, leaving consumer data fair game for broadband providers.

This 13-year-old hacker is showing top tech companies how to stay safe

Ahsan Tahir is only 13 years old and is a recognized Microsoft security researcher with "Hall of Fame" status.

Amazon drones are here, but not dropping off burritos quite yet

Amazon's drones were on public display at the SXSW conference in Texas, but they're not dropping breakfast burritos to tech geeks yet, though.

How Twitter's new slimmed down browsing experience works.

Twitter is making a play for more users with a new slimmed down browsing experience called Twitter Lite.

Apple's iOS 10 includes some little-known features

Apple's jam-packed iOS 10 is full of shiny features, but there are some hidden tricks that will help you make the most of the operating system.

Yahoo's new male CEO will get twice Marissa Mayer's salary

The job will involve less work, and he'll get paid more.

Hackers are using a simple method to rip off Amazon sellers.

Hackers are using a simple method to rip off Amazon sellers.

The star feature on Samsung's Galaxy S8 isn't quite ready yet

Bixby, the artificially intelligent assistant coming to Samsung's Galaxy S8, won't be completely ready when the new phones go on sale.

This rock star wants to make your Instagram even better

James Mercer of The Shins is launching an app to make your Instagram better.

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