Drone performs amazing sports trick shots

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by Bonnie Burton April 12, 2017 8:59 AM PDT @bonniegrrl

Drones can survive lightning strikes and pollinate flowers, but have you ever seen one that can bowl or make a slam dunk with a basketball?

Popular YouTubers Devin Supertramp and Cinechopper joined forces to film a drone doing some rather athletic stunts.

In a video that's gone viral since its Tuesday posting, watch a drone carry and drop a bowling ball to make a perfect strike (and drop a bowling ball onto an innocent snowman, too.)

The video also shows the drone catch balls in midair; play basketball; fly through hula hoops and more.

In the additional behind-the-scenes video posted on Tuesday, footage captures the drones crashing when trying to perform the stunts. It's fun to see everything else that went wrong with the drones during the five-month shoot.

While drone racing is already getting a lot of buzz, videos like these might inspire fans to start drone basketball and bowling leagues in their own towns.

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