Top 20 Best Kids Toy Kitchen Playsets 2017

Kitchen playsets were and still are among the most popular toy out there for indoor play. Everyone loves to prepare food when they’re a kid; we’ve all made our fair share of plastic spaghetti and meatballs. If you went out and asked some of the most successful chefs out there what their favorite pastime was when they were kids, chances are this would be the answer. While older generations had to rely on their imaginations for amusement, kids these days can enjoy incredible play kitchens that contain everything they need to make a 5-course meal.

With that in mind, here are the top 20 best kitchen playsets, ranging in both complexity and price:

1. KidKraft Navy Vintage Kitchen Toy

KidKraft is definitely one name that you are going to see mentioned a lot in this article. Their Navy Vintage Kitchen Toy set is rather basic in terms of color themes, but very impressive in every other aspect. It comes in the form of one large cabinet that has everything integrated into it. One of the great things about this particular model is the fact that it’s not huge, but it isn’t small either. The size is just right for smaller kids to enjoy. Everything is within reach and easily accessible.

It has a retro-looking stove with an oven, a sink, a fridge, microwave and even an old school phone (you might have to explain to your kids what it is, though). Build quality is great, to say the least. Every door opens while the dials on the stove even click when you turn them. For all intents and purposes, that type of immersion is pretty impressive.

Price: $139.99

Buy the KidKraft Navy Vintage Kitchen Toy here.

2. Melissa & Doug Chef’s Kitchen Pretend Play Set

The Melissa & Doug Chef’s Kitchen playset has a more modern vibe to it. It features an integrated design where every element is installed in a common cabinet. While it’s not all that unusual, one good thing about Melissa & Doug’s design is the fact that you get a back panel which stiffens everything up. On top of that, mimicked tiles found on that panel really are a nice detail.

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This kitchen playset includes a stove with an oven, a fridge, microwave, sink, a freezer and a functional ice dispenser. Now instead of requiring water and all kinds of components necessary to actually form ice, you get two pretend ice cubes that pop out once you press the button. This set comes in parts but is definitely not hard to put together. And like most other Melissa & Doug toys, build quality is top-notch.

Price: $164.06 (9 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Melissa & Doug Chef’s Kitchen Pretend Play Set here.

3. KidKraft Uptown Natural Kitchen

Here’s another KidKraft creation that deserves a look. The Uptown Natural Kitchen is a nice-looking playset that features an interesting combination of materials. Instead of going with solid colors, KidKraft decided to use brushed aluminum and a natural wood texture for this kit. It has a more updated look than the vintage play kitchen mentioned above.

It has a sink for “washing” dishes, a pull-down stove with an oven, fridge, a freezer, microwave and a cordless phone. Setup process takes a bit of time, but it’s ultimately easy. This set is built tough and can handle several kids playing with it at the same time.

Price: $219.97

Buy a KidKraft Uptown Natural Kitchen here.

4. WildBird Care Wood Toy Kitchen

Instead of going for reasonable realism, WildBird Care wanted to approach things in a more playful way with an incredibly colorful kitchen. This wooden kitchen set comes with elements that are brightly colored, while all of the knobs, displays and similar details are still somewhat accurate. Overall, the build quality is on point. The whole thing still requires assembly but the pieces come together rather easy. The only real issue is the somewhat confusing manual, however if you mix in some intuition, you will be able to build this thing pretty fast.

In terms of elements, it has a fridge, a stove with an oven, a sink, a freezer and a microwave. Next to the microwave is a small shelf for accessories, while there is also a small compartment under the sink that is separated with a soft curtain.

Price: $107.99

Buy the WildBird Care Wood Toy Kitchen here.

5. Teamson Kids – Contemporary Modern Kitchen

Here’s one kitchen playset that may not be as intricate as the others, but features a very unique configuration. Instead of going for a mono-block design, the Teamson Kids Contemporary Modern Kitchen comes with a separated fridge that isn’t attached. Speaking of which, the fridge is much larger than you usually see on these sets and features an ice machine as well as a water cooler. In the lower part of the fridge, there is a freezer compartment. The other element you get sports an integrated ‘gas’ stove with an oven as well as a sink. There is no microwave, but you do get a rather roomy compartment below the sink.

The other great feature of this set is the fact that it takes roughly 20 minutes to assemble. They’ve used quality MDF that is treated with lead-free colors, making it a pretty sturdy and safe set for your kids. On top of it all, the entire set features a more modern theme.

Price: $129.99

Buy the Teamson Kids Contemporary Modern Kitchen here.

6. KidKraft Ultimate Corner Play Kitchen

This KidKraft model takes things in a different direction as well with their Ultimate Corner Play Kitchen. Instead of a standard mono-block layout, they have spiced things up by making a corner set. This decision alone improves the immersion by a huge margin. With that said, the set comes in brown and white combination. In terms of elements, you have your standard features such as microwave, oven with a stove, a sink and a fridge.

However, there’s more. Aside from a washing machine, which is something you rarely see, this kit comes with functional lights and an ice-cube machine that produces realistic noises. Since there are powered components, you will need a set of batteries in order to have everything working. As usual for KidKraft, build quality is impressive. Everything feels sturdy enough and is fairly easy to put together. With that in said, this is one of their larger playsets, so expect longer assembly time.

Price: $162.59

Buy the KidKraft Ultimate Corner Play Kitchen here.

7. WildBird Care Double-Side Wooden Kitchen Playset

Here’s one model that breaks away from the standard design. WildBird Care wanted to offer something that is more than just a kitchen playset. The way they have accomplished this is by integrating a dollhouse into their design of the Double-Side Wooden Kitchen Playset. In other words, when viewed from the front, you see a pretty decent toy kitchen, while the back features a multi-story dollhouse. The best part is that you don’t lose any detail on the kitchen. It’s perfectly comparable to any of the models we have shown you so far. In terms of elements, you get a sink, microwave, stove with an oven.

Choice of colors is very easy on the eyes, with seafoam green, light gray, and white. There are no aggressive tones to be found anywhere. Build quality is great, and the kit requires very little time to assemble. Whatever assembly you need to do is explained in a pretty easy to follow manual.

Price: $149.99

Buy the WildBird Care Double-Side Wooden Playset here. 8. Step2 Contemporary Chef Kitchen

Most of the sets we have shown you so far were wooden designs. This next one is made of plastics and is relatively smaller in comparison. Step2 Contemporary Chef Kitchen playset comes complete with utensils, a stove that lights up and produces cooking sounds when turned on, and a number of other interesting details. There is limited assembly required, making it perfectly functional right out of the box.

The plastic they have used to make this thing is far from the worst, but is much more susceptible to damage by nature. If you’ve ever owned anything by Step2, you’ll be familiar with the type of plastic used. They recommend this model for kids who are anywhere from 2 to 7 years old, and that is a pretty accurate recommendation. This playset is pretty small, which is why older kids might just be too big to play with it. At this price, it’s also a bargain. Especially if you consider 20 accessories that come with the kit.

Price: $99.99

Buy the Step2 Contemporary Chef Kitchen here. 9. Indigo Jamm Blue Lynton

If you prefer something more compact and minimalist, the Indigo Jamm Blue Lynton is probably the way to go. This awesome little kitchen playset features all the main components while taking very little space. The main difference here is the lack of the overhead elements, which definitely reduces the assembly time and makes things a whole lot easier. The stuff you do get includes a stove with an oven, a sink, a towel bar and a small clock.

There is no fridge or microwave, however, their absence is not felt. Indigo Jamm went with a nice baby blue color combined with red details, which makes this set pretty compatible no matter what your kid’s room is like. Build quality is pretty decent, although this doesn’t come as a surprise considering the entire thing is made out of various types of wood. On top of all that, this is also one of the cheapest kitchen playsets you can find.

Price: $89.08

Buy the Indigo Jamm Blue Lynton Kitchen here. 10. Teamson Kids Little Chef

Here’s another minimalist kitchen set that features pretty much a similar layout as most other models out there, but in a more compact package. The Teamson Kids Little Chef comes with all wood structure and natural finish. Certain elements, such as the oven control panel, microwave doors, and two overhead storage drawers are painted in various colors, just like the handles.

You get a sink with a cabinet underneath it, a microwave, a stove with an oven. Keeping things on the basic side allowed Teamson Kids to pack everything so tightly. Perfect for smaller rooms, this kitchen playset is one of the better-made models and definitely among the cheapest ones you can find. On top of it all, you also get a set of accessories such as the salt and pepper shakers, as well as fake canned foods. In the grand scheme of things, this is a perfect middle of the road choice.

Price: $80.20

Buy the Teamson Kids Little Chef here. 11. Giantex Wood Kitchen

Following the theme of affordable and simple toy kitchens, check out this Giantex Wood Kitchen. Painted bright red with white details, it is definitely one of the most colorful models on the market. The set features your standard sink, stove with an oven and microwave configuration, although the layout is pretty unique. Every single door is perfectly functional and works.

In terms of build quality, you are looking at one of the cheapest kitchen playsets made of wood, which still brings a solid construction. As a matter of fact, this is the cheapest playset we are comfortable recommending. On that note, you have an option of getting it with a bundle of fake food products, making the entire set much more versatile than most while still being cheaper. If you are looking for a budget solution, this is probably your best option at the moment.

Price: $59.99

Buy the Giantex Wood Kitchen here. 12. Hape Kitchen Play Set

Here is another pretty affordable kitchen playset that features a rather compact build. The Hape Kitchen Playset comes with your standard elements minus the microwave and the fridge. With that said, it does include some pretty great accessories. The whole thing is packed into a single cabinet. What this translates to is a shorter and easier assembly process for the parents. The whole thing is painted in a nice combination of purple and light cream color that is easy on the eyes.

Every door on every component is fully functional, while the overhead compartment features a rack with wooden utensils. You also get a set of pans and a few more accessories. Build quality is more than decent for the price, which is pretty low compared to other models on our list. Being relatively compact, you won’t have to worry about space with this set. It will fit just about anywhere.

Price: $75.95

Buy the Hape Kitchen Playset here. 13. KidKraft Kids Kitchen Playset

The last of the compact kitchen playsets comes from KidKraft as well. The thing that sets it apart from the rest of the models in this category is its unmistakable vintage design. It really looks like something from the late 50s, and there is a certain type of charm in that design. Elements included are fairly basic. The set comes with a removable sink and a stove with an oven. The color is a dark cherry red with white retro details added for that vintage vibe. While it’s not the most complex playset out there, this one of those few that really have character.

When it comes to build quality and assembly process, things are fairly standard for KidKraft. Everything is built to a certain spec that translates to overall durability, while their manuals are known for simplicity. This particular model is one of their most compact playsets, so you won’t have to dedicate much space to it.

Price: $86.23

Buy the KidKraft Kids Kitchen Playset here. 14. KidKraft Grand Gourmet Corner Kitchen

Now that we have shown you one of the most basic sets in their lineup, it’s time to take a look at one of the most complex. The KidKraft Grand Gourmet comes teaming with various features, a great design and so much more. As its name says, it is a corner playset, with a fridge, freezer, and microwave on one side, while the stove, oven and washing machine are on the other.

A cool thing about this set is its single-piece kitchen counter.made out of wood. The background comes in form of a fake window complete with curtains, which adds to the appeal and immersion value of the whole set. KidKraft definitely aimed for quality with this set and that is apparent no matter where you look. With that in mind, this model is among the more expensive ones in their lineup but is still fairly reasonably priced.

Price: $183.72

Buy the KidKraft Grand Gourmet Corner Kitchen here. 15. Little Tikes Ultimate Cook Kitchen

There will be those who are always going to prefer a wooden kitchen playset over a plastic one, and that is completely understandable. Most plastic models aren’t all that convincing nor are they as durable. However, there are exceptions. Little Tikes Ultimate Cook Kitchen features a pretty solid construction and a whole bunch of cool features. Like most plastic playsets, it is compact, however, you still get all the main elements.

There’s your sink, a small fridge with a water dispenser, a stove with an oven and a microwave. On top of that, you get a large number of shelves, storage compartments and most importantly, accessories. There are 38 pieces in total in this set, which is way more than you will usually see. Assembly is pretty easy and intuitive, making this playset among the most competitive ones in its price range. If you’re looking for a simple model with a ton of features, this is it.

Price: $112.98 (13 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Little Tikes Ultimate Cook Kitchen here. 16. Step2 LifeStyle Deluxe Kids Kitchen

If a standard kitchen playset just doesn’t cut it for you, there will always be models such as the Step2 LifeStyle Deluxe Kids Kitchen. This set is so detailed, complex and elaborate that it just puts 95% of the market to shame. While it’s made of plastic, everything is very durable and well made. There’s a ton of cabinets, storage compartments and other little details included.

You get a microwave, oven with a stove, a fridge, dishwasher and a phone. Pretty standard, right? It would be if there weren’t an additional 39 accessories to play with. These range from utensils and pans to fake foods. To put a cherry on the top, Step2 has built in a set of lights and realistic sound generators to push the immersion factor into overdrive. While this is a fairly pricey playset, the value it offers makes it well worth the investment.

Price: $234.01

Buy the Step2 Lifestyle Deluxe Kids Kitchen here. 17. Step2 Grand Walk-in Kitchen and Grill

This next kitchen playset also comes from Step2 and is nearly as grandiose as the previous one we have talked about. As its name suggests, this a walk-in kitchen. In other words, you get two isles connected by stylish arches. It even has a bar counter. Another great thing about this particular model is the fact that it comes with a grill aside from your regular stuff.

The level of detail is pretty high, just like with other high-end Step2 plastic kitchen playsets. Since it’s a walk-in design, Step2 went the extra yard and included tiling for the floor portion of the kitchen. The only downside of this model is its size. If your kid’s room is small, you might have trouble finding enough room for this thing. Other than that, the build quality is great, which can also be said for assembly instructions. When it comes to designs, this is one of the most unique ones on the market.

Price: $197.49

Buy the Step2 Grand Walk-in Kitchen & Grill here. 18. Little Tikes Cook ‘n Play Outdoor BBQ

Let’s switch things up a bit. What we have next isn’t your regular kitchen playset. Instead, the Little Tikes Cook n’ Play Outdoor BBQ set is a proper BBQ station for those little pit masters out there. This playset is also made of plastics, just like the two we previously reviewed. It is also pretty well made with a significant amount of details that help the immersion. The set includes a lidded BBQ with a pizza oven at the bottom. On the right side of the BBQ, you will find a small sink with a faucet. The entire base of the playset is designed to mimic brick BBQ stations. One great thing about Little Tikes Cook ‘n’ Play Outdoor BBQ is that your kids can use it both inside and outside. It fits perfectly in both of these environments. There’s no complicated assembly, nor do you have to worry about space. On top of that, it’s incredibly cheap.

Price: $50.00

Buy the Little Tikes Cook ‘n Play Outdoor BBQ here. 19. KidKraft Kids Kitchen Playset

The KidKraft Kids Kitchen Playset is the last of the KidKraft series we’d like to show you. It’s fairly similar but definitely different from the previous ones. One of the main differences is the additional features it offers. Aside from the standard fridge, stove, oven and microwave, you also get a washing machine. Design theme they went for is a more modern one, which isn’t anything new.

What is new is the level of details. The microwave looks pretty realistic, and they even included the push-tab on the ice dispenser. Additionally, the stove comes in form of a more modern flat design, instead of the traditional one we have seen in their other models. Build quality is great, as always, although you can expect to invest a bit more time and effort into putting this entire thing together. There are just so many details and components that need assembly.

Price: $148.47 (Espresso)

Buy the KidKraft Kids Kitchen Playset here. 20. Naomi Home Kids Gourmet Kitchen Set

Last but not least, we have another modern looking kitchen playset, the Naomi Home Kids Gourmet Kitchen Set. They didn’t change much in terms of layout compared to the standard design every brand offers, but they have certainly upped their game when it comes to details. This is by far one of the best looking kitchen playsets on the market. Elements include the standard stove with oven, sink, and fridge. With that said, each of these elements is pretty large.

Overall color scheme is a dark espresso tone with a lot of flat silver in the mix. The tiles on the back panel feature a mixture of every color found in the set, which definitely adds to the contemporary feel. Build quality is relatively decent, especially for this price range, while assembly shouldn’t be a problem. The size you’re looking at here is right on that sweet spot, so allocating space is probably not going to be an issue.

Price: $119.99 (38 percent off MSRP)

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