Test of solar energy island

Swiss energy company Viteos said it will build three floating islands on Lake Neuchâtel, each of which is 25 meters in diameter and covered by 100 solar panels.

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Picture 1 of Test of solar energy island

Picture 1 of Test of solar energy island

Solar energy island

Viteos emphasized that these islands were made for research and development purposes, not economically.

In the press release, Philippe Burri, Technical Director of Viteos, explained that the islands would allow the company to receive data on the corrosion effects of wind, water, and waves on installed materials.

The islands can rotate 220 degrees to follow the sun's direction continuously to maximize energy collection. The design also includes an inflated multi-compartment system for the purpose of reducing costs but easy for installation or dismantling, transporting to a new location. The location of islands is also calculated to avoid the impact of boats on the lake.

Gizmag magazine said Viteos plans to allow these three islands to settle at Lake Neuchâtel until August 2013 before pulling them to their new location in 2014, the durability test period can be up to 25 years.