The glass of a guy who doesn't eat and drink still lives strangely

If you don't eat, drink, or go to the bathroom, how long can people meditate?

A young man from Nepal from the age of 11 was ordained, 14 years old started practicing meditation. In 2005, he sat in the trunk of the Bodhi Tree to meditate. During the 10-month period, he did not eat, drink, go to the toilet, his thrilling story surprised the world.

According to the information posted, this strange guy is named Ram Bahadur Bomjon, born in 1990, in Ratnapuri, Nepal.Ram Bahadur Bomjon is also known as Palden Dorje , which is also his official name.

The boy in Nepal from the age of 11 has left home, 14 years old to start meditating.

It is known that after about half a year of meditating without eating, drinking, unhygienic, the Nepalese government was informed and the doors of experts, health and researchers came to observe Palden Dorje. At that time, many media also rushed to the place where Palden Dorje meditated for news and video recording. Because meditation without eating, not drinking, and without excruciating goes against human survival rules, the information about Palden Dorje quickly spread around the world.

The Discovery Channel channel recorded Palden Dorje meditating for 4 consecutive days and 4 nights, not expecting that, in this 96 hour period, Palden Dorje did not really move. In particular, his body did not show signs of exhaustion, wear and tear, his face was still full of vitality.

Palden Dorje meditated for four consecutive days and nights but his body showed no signs of exhaustion, wear and tear, and his face was still full of vitality.

After the information about Palden Dorje was constantly published, it attracted many pilgrims here. The quiet forest where Palden Dorje meditated each and every noise like the festival, prompting the Nepalese government to bring the bodhi tree where Palden Dorje meditated and set up three different lines.

In particular, while meditating, Palden Dorje's original white coat suddenly burned but the boy did not suffer burns, his skin was intact, making people feel extremely unbelievable.

In Nepal and India, Buddhists adore Palden Dorje. Although the boy did not say a word, there were tens of thousands of followers, calling Palden Dorje a living Buddha. However, because too many people bothered, one day, Palden Dorje suddenly disappeared. A few years later, only occasionally did Palden Dorje appear.

Palden Dorje said he was a person who was ready to be reborn.

During these appearances, Palden Dorje said, he was not a Buddha, but a person who was ready to be reborn. If not disturbed, he will meditate for 6 consecutive years.

In 2010, Palden Dorje finally reappeared and decided on the sermon, reminding people that the world was seriously destroyed by humans, impending bad luck. Want to save the world, change destiny, the only measure is spiritual practice. When people have an honest mind, think well, do well, the new world can become better.

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