The habit of using oil wrongly can easily lead to liver cancer

If you also have the habit of using cooking oil like this woman, start fixing it now to prevent extremely harmful health risks.

The liver is known to be an important organ of the body, and it also participates in the process of decomposition to synthesize and transform different nutrients. However, when your liver is damaged, your liver function will not be able to do its job well. As a result, the liver will gradually weaken and the high risk will lead to liver cancer.

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Bad eating habits are also more likely to cause liver cancer.

In fact, liver cancer has no clear signs of recognition and the cause often comes from unhealthy eating habits as well as unscientific lifestyle. And if you also have a habit of eating the wrong way like the following woman, fix it now to better protect your overall health and liver.

Ms. Liu (30 years old) is a Chinese, currently a single mother. Recently, Ms. Luu found that she often had anorexia, fatigue, especially abnormal weight loss. At first, Ms. Luu thought only because the day's work was so hard, her body was exhausted. However, when seeing this situation last too long and there is no sign of remission, Ms. Liu decided to go to the hospital to check.

Through the examination, the doctor announced that Ms. Luu was suffering from liver cancer at an early stage. Fortunately, the cancer is still in control so the doctor needs Ms. Lu to receive treatment with radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Why does Ms. Luu have liver cancer?

Ms. Liu shared: "I was originally a single mother, so I tried to work every day to buy houses and cars after I gave birth. I can't believe I have liver cancer now, this is It's too hard to believe . "

After learning about the daily lifestyle of Ms. Liu, the doctor discovered that Ms. Luu did not drink alcohol but made mistakes in cooking . This is the cause of liver cancer.

Reportedly, the type of cooking oil Ms. Luu used for daily processing is the type of oil contained in large cans, without any brand origin . Because of her desire to save economy, Ms. Luu often buys a large amount of oil from acquaintances to get cheap prices. After buying, sometimes even all year can not use all this oil can.

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Improper use of oil may also increase the risk of many types of cancer and cause cardiovascular function decline.

The doctor explained that if cooking oil is not used up for a long time, under the influence of light, temperature, oxygen, water, microorganisms . will increase the speed of damage and make Cooking oil produces peroxides as well as free radicals that are harmful to the human body. Even the wrong use of oil can increase the risk of many other cancers and cause serious cardiovascular dysfunction.

More worrisome, the type of cooking oil Ms. Luu uses does not have any originating censorship licenses. When the doctor examined, it was found that the material that made this oil was moldy peanuts. According to many studies, mold foods can create carcinogens (aflatoxin). This substance has the ability to damage the liver extremely high, when used for a long time can cause necrosis of liver cells and lead to liver cancer.

Doctors warn some foods that can cause liver cancer:

  • Alcoholic beverages: Because they can irritate the liver and increase the burden on the liver. Even ordinary people who drink alcohol for a long time can cause serious liver infections.
  • Molded food, boots: From fruits or nuts if broken, should not continue to use, even if it is only partially. Because these foods already have invasive molds, when consumed in the body can infect metabolites and harm the body seriously.
  • Prepared foods: Instant noodles, sausages, fried foods . are all foods that contain a lot of preservatives that can increase the burden and harm the liver if consumed continuously for a while. long time.