The 'missing' Soviet spacecraft 50 years is about to fall to Earth?

The Venus spacecraft launched by the Soviet Union in 1972 may fall to Earth this year, after nearly half a century stuck somewhere on Earth orbit.

Many experts have predicted Cosmos 482 spacecraft , a failed Soviet exploration mission, will fall to Earth in 2019.

Thomas Dorman - an experienced satellite tracker in Texas - USA, who was famous for accurately predicting China's Thien Cung-1 space station will fall to Earth nearly 2 years ago - identify people is losing control of this station after a few years it's in sleep mode.

Venera 8 - the same "sister" spaceship with Cosmos 42 ever successfully launched on Venus - (photo: SPUTNIK).

According to Dorman, the rest of Cosmos 482 is spinning at a very fast speed, taking only 112 minutes for each round of Earth. Unlike the Chinese space station, the Soviet ship can overcome the scorching power of the Earth's atmosphere and actually fall back to the ground.

Cosmos 482 was the Venus exploration ship launched by the Soviet Union in March 1972. But it had trouble with the engine and stuck in the Earth's atmosphere. When the incident happened, the ship broke into pieces. There were four pieces that soon fell into a field in New Zealand, bearing the shape of titanium alloy balls weighing 13.6 kg, piercing some crops.

The Soviet Union lost contact with the ship and for so long, most of the damaged ships still drifted somewhere in Earth's orbit.

This spacecraft is designed to counter the extreme atmospheric pressure of the Venusian atmosphere, so experts believe it will "survive" through the Earth's atmosphere.

But we should not be too worried, because according to calculations, the ship will descend into the ocean or an uninhabited area.

Last year, the astronomer and Pacel Shubin universe predicted Sputnilk that Cosmos 428 would fall to Earth at some point between 2023-2025.