The mystery of the phenomenon of human reflection before dying

Reflective reflections are known as severe illness who suddenly regain consciousness, get better before they die.

Reflection is a phenomenon in which a person is seriously ill, his body is weak, suddenly becomes alert, his body is healthy, or says laughter, wants to eat.

Usually, the patient falls into this situation and will die about two hours later . This phenomenon is likened to the image of the lamp before turning off, the natural fire glowing brightly before it fades.

This phenomenon is likened to the image of the lamp before turning off, the light of fire naturally glowing.

Assumptions about reflective reflections

To explain this strange phenomenon, it is assumed that when a person prepares to die is entering another world, his soul will gradually withdraw from the body, from the feet, abdomen, hands, finally is the heart and the brain. When the mind is light, peaceful, no longer affected by matter, he or she can become alert and strongly special.

It is hypothesized to explain emotionally, saying that the moment of near-death is when people crave the most life and want to make the last happy memories with loved ones so happened 'recover reflect'.

One theory is that when preparing to enter another world, one's soul will gradually withdraw from the body.

Is reflective reflections real?

Science also noted the phenomenon of 'reflective reflection ', though still very vague - both on the basis and the ability to prove and explain. The results of a study by a group of scientists showed that among 227 dementia patients being monitored, about 10% showed greater insight than at the end of life.

From the evaluation of his material, the researcher reported that about 84% of those who experience insight at the end will die faster within a week, and 42% of the remaining life on the very day of the phenomenon. So how can a brain destroyed by disease for many years become clear at the moment of death?

The researcher gives an example of a 91-year-old woman with Alzheimer's disease. For 15 years, this woman has fallen into unconsciousness and has not recognized her daughter or anyone. One evening, she began to talk very intimately with her daughter. She talked about the fear of death, the difficulties she experienced with her family. And a few hours later, she died.

On the emotional side, it is thought that this is a gift for the sick to have a last chance to be with their loved one and say their final goodbye to them.

From the above case, there have been many hypotheses about both spiritual and scientific aspects surrounding the phenomenon of 'reflective reflection ', but still not enough information to define a definitive mechanism.

So far, the answer to the phenomenon of 'reflective reflection' is still open. Some philosophers and theologians have hypothesized that human consciousness is beyond the scope of the brain's activity. This idea has been proposed as an explanation for near-death experiences.

Scientists, despite objecting to the hypothesis, have not really solved the mystery of these unusual phenomena.