The Pentagon suddenly admitted to investigating aliens

The US Department of Defense admits that it is still investigating an unidentified flying object (UFO) after years of avoiding answering this issue.

Fox News Radio on May 23 reported that the US Department of Defense finally admitted that it was still investigating the suspect of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) of aliens, after always avoiding answering. on this issue.

Spokesman Christopher Sherwood confirmed the government has a secret program called AATIP to pursue studies and investigations into 'unspecified flying phenomena'.

'The Ministry of Defense is always interested in maintaining the ability to actively identify all aircraft in our operating environment, as well as identify any external capabilities that can threaten the country,' he said. Sherwood said.

Picture 1 of The Pentagon suddenly admitted to investigating aliens
Unidentified flying object model (UFO) - (Fox News screenshot).

This information conflicts with the US Department of Defense's previous announcement of ending the program in 2012.

'The ministry will continue to investigate reports of unidentified flying objects encountered by the military in order to protect and defend the country against the enemy's unexpected strategic situations , ' the spokesman said. Sherwood.

Nick Pope expert who secretly investigated UFOs to help the British government about two decades ago said what the US Department of Defense confirmed as 'blockbuster information'.

'Earlier announcements were ambiguous and left AATIP open simply interested in the risks of new generation aircraft, missiles and UAVs. The new recognition makes it clear that they are really studying what the public calls UFOs , "said Pope.

The founder of The Black Vault reports on UFO reports released by John Greenewald Jr. expressed hope that the Pentagon would provide more information, whether proactive or under requirements based on the Freedom of Information Act.

The AATIP program was first publicized in 2017, along with a 33-second Ministry of Defense video footage of two US fighter-bombers chasing off the city of San Diego in 2004.