The reason for deep tooth pain when eating sugar

Why do sugar cause tooth decay?

Our teeth include: tooth enamel, pulp and dentin.

  • Enamel is mainly made from minerals.
  • The dentin has many small ivory tubes filled with liquid with some dissolved substances in it.
  • Meanwhile, the pulp is composed of blood vessels and nerves.

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When our enamel is corroded by excessive grinding or tooth decay, it exposes the dentin beneath and its tubes.

Now, when we consume sugar, the osmosis process will take place.

What is osmosis?

Substances such as sugar, salt . dissolved in liquids are called solutes . When an area has a higher solute concentration than the other region to maintain equilibrium, water will move from a lower solute concentration to a higher solute concentration through a semi-permeable membrane. This process is called osmosis.

When consuming sugar, the solute concentration outside the dentin becomes more than the solute concentration inside the ivory tube. Therefore, the liquid from the ivory tube seeps out through the osmosis process, stimulating the underlying nerves and causing toothache.

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