The student successfully built Wall-E Robot from the material collected at the landfill

A Bolivian student named Esteban Quispe, who lives in Patacamaya, south of La Paz, possesses a perfect replica of his famous Wall-E robot character , and the special thing is that this robot is made from Esteban created entirely from the materials he collected from a landfill on the Andean plateau near the house, without any extra cost.

Through this small project, Esteban Quispe also wants to spread a deeper message to the community, that is, try to make the most of the benefits from even things that seem to be just left, and at the same time, encourage Encouraging local people to invest in agricultural mechanization by using solar-powered robots and machines.

For now, please invite us to admire this 'Wall-E 2.0' robot of this talented student!

Hope that waste in the world will be classified and reused more effectively in the future!