The truth 'light' mystery in Hanoi

The pictures on the camera with these

The images on the camera with the "strange light" pipes, long pictures, . that Mr. Chu Minh Hoai's family (Hanoi) recorded are not strange, said Dr. Nguyen Van Khai, Ph.D. .

Talking to VietNamNet this morning (October 4), Dr. Nguyen Van Khai, Ph.D., said that he came to Chu Minh Hoai's house last night in Van hamlet, Thanh Liet commune, Thanh Tri district, Hanoi to observe. The recent glowing phenomenon that Mr. Hoai's camera has recorded makes many people confused.

Picture 1 of The truth 'light' mystery in Hanoi

Picture 1 of The truth 'light' mystery in Hanoi

A strange light appeared on the left side of the screen through the camera on the back yard of Hoai's house.(Photo: VTC)

Mr. Khai said, about 20 o'clock on November 3, when he went upstairs and observed pictures of 4 cameras of Mr. Hoai's house, he saw light spots rising from the bottom. According to Khai, this phenomenon can be interpreted as a camera emitting infrared radiation. When observing these 4 cameras with the most advanced infrared machine that reporters report to VTC, they will be seen as 4 glowing lights.It is these infrared radiation that illuminates the beetles (there are lots of bugs in this area), so when the camera is obtained it shows up as light spots (actually flying bugs).

Mr. Khai said, when the car went back, the machine was still hot, the hot steam rising up also formed a stream of bright spots of pottery.

In addition to discovering that the spotlight was caused by the beetles flying through the camera, nothing happened that night, Khai said.

At Mr. Hoai's house that night, when he reviewed the camera that his family recorded on October 5, many people said that when they saw the light passing, they saw the branches in that place move. Mr. Khai observed more and found clothes and branches far away also shaking. Dr. Khai concluded that the phenomenon of light passing through caused the branches to vibrate completely without foundation and that phenomenon is just coincidence when facing the wind.

More specifically, Dr. Khai, when he looked at the camera segment, he observed that a curved light trail on the iron roof, at the same time, an accompanying reporter showed him that there was a 100W filament light hanging in the distance. entrance.

Immediately, Mr. Khai made the following remarks: " The light shines on the iron roof with dispersion and reflections creating a curved shape because of the corrugated iron roof. Like the sun shining on the earth after the rain forms a bridge. rainbow ". Assoc. Prof. Ngo Ngoc Cat, Director of the Center for Environmental Research and Climate Change, who was there also concurred with this explanation.

After many hours of observation, Mr. Khai said, because this phenomenon happened a long time, right on the occasion of the festival with many lights (10pm on October 5 - PV), at the time of the camera acquisition there were many clouds. And the status quo at that time with the time he observed was not the same, so it was impossible to explain some phenomena thoroughly and thoroughly.

However, according to Mr. Khai, the image on the camera that Mr. Hoai's family recorded has many tube-shaped streaks, straight at the curve, when there are bright circles. Especially there are bright streaks like buffalo horns in the middle with bright areas . it is not strange.

Mr. Khai said that this phenomenon is similar to the experiment that he made for the students of the Logistics Academy to observe when learning about using infrared viewfinder in 1975. Or like the phenomenon that he gave birth to Hanoi University (former) member performed in the extracurricular session on amplifying dim light.

" From 1996 to present in Vietnam there are many" self "that do not follow the laws of nature, the laws of physics and chemistry, but only need a little attention and with very simple measures. I can see that they are not " self" at all, " Khai added.

Dr. Nguyen Van Khai, Ph.D., said that in order to comment on social phenomena, people often have different opinions and statements about it differently. But as a physical phenomenon, the only point is to explain it according to the laws of physics. The strange "light" case is a typical example.

Hoai's father, Mr. Chu Minh Hue, expressed concern and said that about 10 days ago, a group of 7 people (including police officers) came here to observe but there was no conclusion. Many people advised his family to invite Bich Hang psychic to come but were afraid of being poor so the family did not invite.

However, Mr. Khai reassured immediately: " This is good land, your family has lived at least 5 lives here. Without graves, lakes, swamps, you can rest assured, nothing is going on ."

Earlier, on November 2 in the VTC newspaper published information sent by Mr. Chu Minh Hoai with information that his family's 4 infrared cameras still work like normal days, but he suddenly found out on strange television screens ' accidentally ' appeared. His family, the neighboring village became confused for many days.