The ultra-powerful weapons are 'covered' by the beautiful shell

An umbrella, a watch or even a lipstick can become the dangerous 'weapon' of spies amidst enemies.

The mini camera used to be the most used spy device in the world.This product is the design of a Latvian engineer in 1937. With its small size, this camera can fit in the palm and at the time it was born, it was even considered a "super product." " technology.

Regardless of location, this unique device can be plugged into the ground.This tool is used by the CIA to plug in the road to pierce enemy tires.

The camera is a Swiss product with a compact design that can be easily hidden in a cigarette case.

Spies can use this umbrella as a "gun" to shoot poison at enemies at close range.

This versatile tool kit includes essential tools of small size for spies to use when needed.

This watch is actually a device used by the German Secret Service to hide a tiny camera.

The poisoned glass hidden in this frame was given to the agents by the CIA so that they could end their lives if they were accidentally arrested or tortured.

This carefully disguised radar system is the device of KGB agents.

This gun containing cyanide poison can be used to kill enemy lives at close range.

A tiny camera hidden in this pen is intended to capture important documents.

These hollowed out coins can be used to hide important documents or film rolls.

This color box is actually a bomb that the CIA has been pretending to disguise.

Another bomb was disguised as a water bottle.

These two pieces of metal when put together will form a secret compass.

  • Secret secret weapon used to assassinate during World War 2