The world really exists dwarf race like hobbits in Africa

In the lush green forest of, there are small huts made of leaves and branches, which is where the Pygmy tribes live in harmony with nature. They live separate and make the outside world always curious about people with an average height of less than 1.55m.

Previously in Europe, when explorers were not really exposed and learned about them, there were always rumors that they were not human like us, but a tribe of creatures. half human and half animal.

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Pygmy people, or dwarfs, are ethnic groups who possess an unusually low height;Anthropologists define a pygmy as a member of a nation that is the average height of an adult male under 155 cm.

But from 1865 - 1870, an explorer with three nationalities of France, Belgium and the United States and a German botanist came to Africa to confirm the existence of this tribe and they became people. first in modern history of the outside world in contact with the Pygmy people.

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This dwarf tribe shares the same race as modern people.

Scientists later confirmed that the dwarfs shared the same race with modern humans, but the biggest question was still unanswered, while the Aboriginal Africans were tall, tall. Why are they so short?

And 150 years after their first meeting, biologists finally solved this mystery.

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In central Africa, the Pygmy people have another name is Negrillo.

Why are Pygmy people so short?

The first discovery was in 2009, a French graduate student Noemie Becker wrote a doctoral thesis on population genetics and research on the composition of the Pygmy tribal genome and found out their differences. with other native African tribes.

Previously scientists thought that Pygmy people possess such a modest body because they often live in dense forests, where low light conditions lead to vitamin D deficiency and limit the absorption of calcium from the diet. to drink. Food deficient in calcium and iodine is also one of the causes of limiting the height of Pygmy people.

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Despite their small body, the Pygmy people developed physiology very early.At only 8 years of age, Pygmy girls and boys have developed adult bodies and can get married.By age 9, Pygmy boys and girls were able to be parents.

For generations, these Pygmy people gradually lived adjacent to the Bantu Aboriginal people with a taller body, and the phenomenon of people of two tribes getting married.

But Noemie Becker did not think so and conducted research on the offspring of the two tribes and found, among arithmetic, there exist those who exist 100% of the Pygmy genome or 100% of the Bandu genome, in addition to There are also people who carry the genes of both tribes.

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Bandu people.

Noemi Becker found that people with a lower proportion of the Pygmy genome, the higher their physique and this is a scientific evidence to prove that the Pygmies can be completely modest. It must be due to the environment or the eating conditions, what makes them appear to be the genome in the body.

In other words, when a Pygmy is born growing up outside the tribe, their physique will remain as short as their tribal members.

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For the past 8,000 years, their lifestyles have been virtually unchanged.

Experts also discovered that Pygmy people possess a gene in the body that helps boost the immune system and fight the infections commonly encountered during hunting in the tropical rain.

In Central Africa, the Pygmy people have another name: Negrillo , men in the tribe often hunt, while women will stay to look after children as well as gather different types. fruits, tobacco leaves in the forest.

The sad thing is that the Pygmy people are in danger of extinction, because their average life expectancy is very short, only about 30 years old, and they get married when they are 8. In history, Pygmy people have always been viewed is inferior due to his modest height. Colonial governments and tribes around the region could arrest Pygmy children for trade or use as slaves in plantations.

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The Pygmy tribe only hunts enough for one month at a time, they absolutely do not hunt young animals or cut down forest trees.

More frightening, there are a few other tribes that always consider the Pygmy to be prey, they consider the dwarf meat to be the elixir that can cure many different diseases, especially the genitals of the Pygmy people. , they think that if they eat it will help increase physical strength and strength.

Up to now, the Pygmy people still do not have the concept of private ownership and privacy, all properties belong to the common ownership of the whole tribe and genealogy of the father instead of matriarchy like tribes have a similar lifestyle.

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This type of "spanking" is part of the boys' adult rituals.After the end, these boys are considered to have truly become adults.They can get married, have children and really become the owners of the family.The whip is covered with a sap, to help scars of post-ritual wounds become harder than usual, which is also a natural protection to allow hunters to walk freely in the area. the forest.

Central African governments have now taken steps to help them change their way of life, out of the woods, and participate in modern social life.

However, most Pygmy people are still attached to the ancestral way of life and prefer to continue the closed, primitive life.

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