'Thien Son snow joint' - endangered precious tree

Despite the government's ban, a group of Chinese climbers stole hundreds of "Thien Son snow related" flowers - a white lotus that grows on Thien Son's snow mountain and shows off online.

"Thien Son snow joint" - white lotus on Thien Son mountain facing the danger of extinction

According to CCTV, a group of 31 climbers pulled up hundreds of lotus flowers at the top of Thien Son Mountain - a mountain range located in Central Asia, between the northwestern border of Xinjiang (China) and Kazakhstan.

Picture 1 of 'Thien Son snow joint' - endangered precious tree
Continuous snow grows on the top of Thien Son mountain.(Photo: Ts.cn)

In 1996, snow was classified as a secondary plant protection group in China. In 2000, the government issued documents, insisting that it was not allowed to dig or interrupt the wild intercontinental snow.

However, despite the law, the climbing group did not admit the act of stealing flowers. According to Xinhua, the group climbed the mountain of Thien Son from July 27 to July 7 and posted photos online. Images spread at a rapid pace on social networks, met with countless criticisms. Currently the group is under investigation by Xinjiang Forest Protection Department.

According to DBW, snow is referred to as the " King of the Dragon King " (King of hundreds of medicinal herbs). This is a rare species , only growing in high mountains 2,500-4,000 meters above sea level. It grows in rocky ravines, is a slow growing species, takes 5-7 years from germination to flowering, and only 5% of seeds can germinate.

Intercropping snow seeds germinate at a temperature of 0 degrees Celsius, grow in conditions of 3-5 degrees Celsius, and withstand cold -21 degrees C. It can germinate, grow and flower in a short time, is the The result of the process of adapting to the harsh environment on snowy mountains in Xinjiang, Tibet.

Although it takes 5-7 years from germination to flowering, its actual growth only takes about 8 months. This is a unique biological feature that rare species have.

Snow has been used in traditional Tibetan medicine for thousands of years. It is rich in alkaloids, flavonoids and many other substances, has the effect of enhancing blood gas, especially effective in promoting blood circulation, thereby enhancing yin and yang for men and women. In addition, it has a natural antipyretic and antidote, often used to treat rheumatoid arthritis.

Picture 2 of 'Thien Son snow joint' - endangered precious tree
Hundreds of flowers were stolen.(Photo: CCTV)

According to Missouri Botanical Scientists (US) the economic boom in China and the wave of tourists flocking to Tibet and Xinjiang in the past decade made the demand for snow increased. Traditional harvesters only pick big and small ones that are enough to use. However, rumors about its rarity and use lead to over-exploitation and threatening extinction.

Xinjiang in 2007 claimed that this white flower growing on the snowy mountain is a national-level protection plant. The continuous exploitation of snow in the planned area, licensed by wildlife management agencies.

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