This is why chocolate is so addictive

And are you one of the countless " addicts" of this extremely attractive food?

Ask yourself, how many of the following things do you have: feeling weak every time you see an attractive chocolate bar, always hiding chocolate bars around the house in case you have an urgent urge, or Do chocolate "hunger" in the middle of the night? Don't worry, because you are just one of the countless 'chocolate addicts' , a very attractive food.

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Eating sweets helps dispel boredom.

Chocolate of course causes very high cravings, and this is why: when we eat sweets and fat, the brain releases a lot of serotonin, hormones that help dispel boredom. And because these sensory activation centers are located in the brain, it is very easy to depend on foods that are high in sugar and fat. Even many types of chocolate feel quite similar to drug addiction, including struggle, uncontrollable eating, anxiety disorders and emotional disorders.

But why chocolate is not yet classified as addictive drugs? This is the answer from the science side.

Addiction, according to the medical definition, needs to meet the following three fundamental factors:

  • The craving was intense.
  • Lose control of yourself due to that craving.
  • Continue to use addictive products, although understand the negative consequences it causes.

Those are the three criteria for placing a drug on the addictive list, but studies show that people can also manifest these symptoms with a number of different foods. Even these studies show that brain activity exhibits similarities between cravings for chocolate and cravings for addictive substances.

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Perhaps the craving for chocolate is only due to its great taste.

Some researchers have shown that phenylethylamine is a proof that chocolate is potentially addictive. Phenyletheylamine is a chemical compound capable of reproducing emotions similar to those in love and being loved, however, the concentration of this ingredient is also quite high in some other foods like cheese or one. number of fruits Another study conducted in 1994 showed interesting results. The subjects studied pancakes every time they craved chocolate. Some of these pancake cakes contain chocolate, some are just plain cakes. The results showed that cravings were the same in both pancake and pancake groups.

This research shows that perhaps the craving for chocolate is only due to its great taste. Use innocently and will make you more at risk of diabetes, dyslipidemia as well as countless other cardiovascular conditions, but sometimes reward yourself with a moment of pleasure with type This food is probably also the right thing to do.