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O RLY, OED? Internet slang added to Oxford online dictionary

If you're butthurt that the English language gets pwned every time some rando at Oxford University Press adds words to the dictionary, I'm here to tell you, bruh, it's NBD, mkay?

Oxford dictionary adds Canadian words dépanneur, inukshuk

The Oxford English Dictionary adds about 500 entries, including such attention-grabbing words as twerk, sext and vaping, but a few uniquely Canadian words also made the cut.

One dead, 4 hurt in Royal Caribbean accident in France

The mammoth cruise ship was launched in late May

Store apologizes for its tasteless 'Twin Towers' mattress sale commercial

Also, a Walmart in Florida took down a 9/11 soda display

Video journalist fired after apparently kicking, tripping refugees in Hungary

A Hungarian video journalist was fired after videos were posted to Twitter that appeared to show her kicking and tripping refugees as they ran from the police.

Sea otter breaks into aquarium, births adorable pup

With winter storms over Monterey, Calif., a wild sea otter did what most people do in a storm. It went inside to relax - and maybe find a safe place to give birth.

Finnish clowns mock anti-immigrant patrols by surrounding them in song

Two rival groups patrol the streets of Tampere, Finland. One is an anti-immigration group called the Soldiers of Odin. The other is a collective of clowns.

Conservatives' #BarbaricCulturalPractices pledge stirs reaction

The Conservatives on Friday pledged to establish a tip line for reporting "barbaric cultural practices" to the RCMP. Here's how some reacted on Twitter.

Canada's 'enthusiasm' for census brings down StatsCan website

On Monday, Statistics Canada began mailing out access codes to Canadians to complete the 2016 census online on May 10. But for some eager citizens, one week was just too long to wait.

Hydro employee fired after reporter at soccer game targeted by FHRITP hecklers

​A social media firestorm touched off by a female TV reporter who fought back against sexually explicit taunts hurled by several soccer fans has cost one Toronto engineer his job.

Hats off: Many French words losing circumflex

If you happen to be writing in French about tasting oysters and onions on a weekend in August, things are about to change. Starting in September, schools in France will...

Gawker's bankruptcy auction: Why millennial media is worth more than money

The auction of Gawker Media is expected to attract some heavy hitters, but will it save the company — or kill its snarky spirit?

Donald Trump eats KFC with knife and fork on private jet, mockery ensues

Trump posted a photo on Twitter Monday evening that's prompting some questions about his eating habits.

Google cares about emoji equality, but does it really matter?

Google's announcement of 11 new emoji depicting women in different professional roles is the latest push for more diversity among the selection of tiny characters.

Obama's shade on Trump has people looking up 'demagogue'

President Barack Obama made an oblique reference to Donald Trump in his speech at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, calling the Republican candidate a "homegrown demagogue," which had people running for the dictionary.

Massive balloon drop after Clinton speech brings out Democrats' inner child

Hillary Clinton’s speech drew wild enthusiasm from Democratic convention-goers, but the joy in Philadelphia didn’t end there: The tens of thousands of red, white and blue balloons that came floating down after her historic address also had them reacting as if they were seeing snow for the first time.

Conservatives surprised American Sniper actor Bradley Cooper is a Democrat

Bradley Cooper's appearance at the Democratic National Convention has irked some conservative fans of the actor's portrayal of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle in 2014's American Sniper.

Newspapers draw ire for putting Bill Clinton on the cover after Hillary makes history

Hillary Clinton made history on Tuesday when she became the first woman to secure a presidential nomination from a major U.S. party — but more than a few American newspapers chose to mark the occasion with big pictures of her smiling husband.

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