Who will win big at the Grammys: Beyonce or Adele?

Beyonce and Adele are in a head-to-head competition for the top three categories at the Grammys. Both iconic singers are nominated for Song of the Year, Record of the Year and Album of the Year. Music critics call Queen Bey's visual album "Lemonade" a masterpiece, and "Formation" has been praised as the woke anthem of 2016. Adele's "25" is Billboard's top-selling album of 2016, while "Hello" is one of the top 10 songs of last year. But which artist should win the top three Grammys? 


"Formation" and "Hello" are up for Song of the Year (for composition) and Record of the Year (for performance and production). "Lemonade" and "25" are up for Album of the Year. And most experts say the big three come down to Adele and Bey. While Adele's album and single are among the top-selling of 2016, Bey's "Lemonade" is arguably the most-acclaimed album, and "Formation" is still the most talked-about song of 2016.

While it's likely the top three awards will be split between Adele and Bey, which artist will win at least win two out of three top Grammys?

Rolling Stone and Billboard both named "Lemonade" the top album of 2016. And many music critics and fans alike call "Lemonade" the album of the year.

Bey aired a mini-documentary on HBO -- debuting the visual album. And it's her most personal yet. She opened up about highly-speculated tumultuous marriage with Jay-Z. Everyone knows the power couple loves each other, but we also heard a lot of rumored drama. And Bey used her visionary craft and gave us the tea -- musically. And it scored her sixth consecutive No. 1 album.

As for the album's lead single "Formation" -- like Bey said in the lyrics, "You know you that b---- when you cause all this conversation. Always stay gracious, best revenge is your paper." "Formation" has to be the most talked-about song, music video and debut live performance of a single in 2016. 

Bey declared her self-awareness of black womanhood and stance against police brutality on the single to much praise and much "controversy." "Formation" wasn't a No. 1 hit, but the single's acclaim definitely makes it the song of the year.

So, Bey pretty much ruled 2016 with "Lemonade." 

And let's not forget, Bey is no stranger to winning multiple Grammys in a single night. She's done it multiple times (with nearly every one of her previous albums), but it's usually in the genre categories. What better way to honor her than with the top three Grammys for a change?


According to Billboard, "25" is the best-selling album of 2016 -- meaning the album follows in the footsteps of diamond-selling "21."

And unlike Bey -- Adele has won the big three categories in one night. Adele walked away with Song of the Year and Record of the Year for "Rolling in the Deep" in 2012. She also won Album of the Year for "21." 

And three years before that, Adele won Best New Artist -- thanks to her debut effort "19." Adele's "25" is almost a sure bet to be an exact replica of her previous success. And she might be the only other artist in Bey's way of any of the top three awards.


But the BeyHive will riot if Bey doesn't win.

The BeyHive is hopeful though.

Even if Bey did win one of the top awards, Adele might still outdo her.

Daydreamers are confident Adele will win big yet again.

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