Two ancient wooden stakes were discovered by Bach Dang river

Presently, two ancient wooden stakes have been discovered on the side of the Bach Dang River, which have been preserved by the Hai Phong Museum and taken samples for inspection, the People's Police Newspaper reported.

Picture 1 of Two ancient wooden stakes were discovered by Bach Dang river
2 ancient wooden piles have been discovered.

Earlier in the afternoon of October 1, Mr. Nguyen Tuan Trieu, from Village 3, of Mai Dong Village, Lien Khe Commune, Thuy Nguyen District, when digging a garden, discovered 2 wooden stakes located deep underground. The area of ​​discovery of two wooden stakes near the mouth of a canal in the Da Bac River.

Agricultural newspaper said, at the time of discovery, 2 stakes have dark brown surface, round cylindrical body, a smooth and slightly beveled slant.

The length of one pile is more than 4 meters, the remaining pile is more than 3 meters and the same diameter is more than 30cm, and it is applied to the pink alluvial layer.

According to local people's conjecture, these 2 wooden piles date back thousands of years, related to the battles on the Bach Dang River .

According to historical documents, Lien Khe used to belong to Truc Dong province, Thuy Duong district, Kinh Mon district, Hai Duong town. This place transmits many stories and historical legends, including the victory of Hung Dao Vuong Tran Quoc Tuan who took Truc Dong as a base to go to the mouth of the Bach Dang and Chanh rivers to destroy and capture the army of marines. of the Yuan Mong Empire.

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