Unbelievable applications of 3D printing technology

3D printing technology is no longer so strange, but scientists have made them more novel by applying to unique jobs.

1. Print fake limbs like . real

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'Now people with limbs can still' restore 'the function of the body' , which is the vision of Open Bionics in the UK. The mission of this company is to create limbs or body parts that help support movement at an affordable price.

The company's first product was Hero Arm, a 3D printed biological arm and the world's first medical certificate. In addition to the ability to restore motor function for the master body, it is also printed very delicate and rich in aesthetics.

In addition, for the group of customers who are children, the company has released artificial hands with animated or superhero themes, helping them not only regain their mobility but also be more confident. with my new hands.

2. Artificial leather is no different from real leather

By 3D printing technology, scientists can now create real print skin like human skin, help heal wounds or treat skin burns. 3D printed leather has been applied to human arms and it has worked. Most recently, WFIRM Institute of Medicine in North Carolina is conducting artificial skin and applying it to people's faces.

Currently, the technique of implanting skin on the face still leaves many unwanted side effects, such as scarring, infection or even necrosis. WFIRM's BioMask technology completely changed this with its 3D print face.

'Before the skin is created, the patient will receive a CT scan to create the right size skin like the real face. Next, the wound will be bandaged with a real cell-filled hydrogel and placed exactly on each piece of skin, creating a new structure that matches the old skin layer , 'BioMask press release said. .

Techniques to create artificial skin with this 3D printing technology will make scarring and injury when transplanted skin is only a thing of the past.

3. Build houses quickly and economically

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3D printing technology also plays an important role in the construction industry, helping to reduce the time and cost of building houses, making it easier for low-income people to have a house to live in than before. .

The ICON company with the mission of "Changing the way people live" has started to print houses with 3D printing technology and even created a 3D printing community in Levitton.

In 2018, ICON built the first home in Austin, Texas, which took a lot of time to come up with ideas, draw blueprints, attract investment and attention from the press. Now houses are definitely built in just a few days and cost only $ 4,000.

ICON is currently cooperating with a number of charities to build 3D printing houses for disadvantaged households in Mexico, Haiti, El Salvador and Bolivia. From a technology that makes home construction easier, ICON has now transformed itself into a community project.

4. Build a house on Mars

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The house built with 3D printing technology not only abides on Earth, but also has a wide future in the red planet. When sending a group of astronauts to Mars, NASA faces an urgent challenge of creating crew accommodation.

Obviously, it is impossible to transport concrete or bricks to Mars to build houses, because they are too difficult to carry and take too long to build. Printers with 3D printing technology are a right and timely choice, helping astronauts get 'home' when working in Mars.

5. Aircraft parts

Airbus has begun deploying 3D printing technology to create its aircraft components in the past few years. Since 2016, they have used titanium as a 'print' ink and created a small part of the engine and the plane has been running smoothly, no errors have occurred.

Since that time, Airbus has fully exploited the capabilities of 3D printing technology and partnered with Materialize in 3D printing in Belgium. This technology not only creates strong and powerful parts like traditional casting, but also helps reduce aircraft volume and easily integrate with the rest of the vehicle.

6. An entire orchestra in 3D

In 2014, Professor Olaf Diegel at Lund University created all instruments with 3D printing technology, including drums, piano and guitar. The 3D printed symphony orchestra played a very inspiring night and received high appreciation from audiences and professionals.

7. Charming and delicate jewelry

3D printing jewelry has been around for more than 10 years, but at that time they were just cheap plastic items. Now, goldsmiths have been able to create jewelry with precious metals, the products created with extreme precision and meticulousness, bringing sophistication and elegance to the item.

8. 3D printed glasses

The production of eyeglasses is not so difficult and takes so long to rely on 3D printing technology as a 'lifesaver', but scientists still develop the technology to produce 3D printed lenses and eventually It has brought about practical effects.

'3D printing technology helps create a complete lens and follows the pattern for rapid mass production, shortening the time from 15 hours to 3 hours for a glass', Daniel Tomasin, director marketing firm Safilo said.

9. 3D meat printing from vegetables

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Whether consumers are concerned about health, ethics or an economic choice, it is clear that the trend of vegetarianism instead of meat eating is growing strongly in recent times. Vegetarian food is not only pure vegetables, but also beautifully prepared dishes. 3D printing technology does not stand outside this trend.

Giuseppe Scionti, the founder of Nova Meat in Barcelona, ​​developed the technology to create a 3D steak with a look like beef or chicken, but the protein it brings comes from plants.'Raw materials used to produce meat completely from plants, help reduce imports and avoid adverse environmental impacts,' he said.

10. A cream cake printed in 3D

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And finally, what is created from this 3D printing technology can surprise you. Dinara Kasko is a young chef living in Ukraine, she used to create 3D printing houses but she also has a passion for cakes, and now she created the world's first 3D printed cake.