Use of biological preparations for freshwater prawn

Recently, many households raising freshwater prawn in Dong Thap province have adopted farming methods using biological products, initially bringing high efficiency, stable profit. This model is being replicated in many localities.

The model of raising freshwater prawn using bio-products was conducted by the Sub-Department of Agro-Forestry-Fisheries Quality Assurance in collaboration with the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development in Thap Muoi district in 2011, in the commune. Hung Thanh, Thap Muoi district with 3 farming households, the total water surface area is 21ha.

Farming households are supported 100% of biological products by the Sub-Department of Agro-Forestry-Fisheries Quality Assurance and in the process of farming, they are regularly monitored by the technical staff on the environmental indicators, weight, technique, feeding .

Households mainly using biological products of Gia Tuong Limited Company include: FEEDADD NC 5.1 digestive enzymes, microorganisms for D.EM water treatment, microbiological preparations for pond bottom treatment and reduction AS3 algae helps to digest food well, decompose organic matter, shrimp waste, convert toxic gases in ponds to the lowest level, improve water color .

Giant freshwater shrimp

In the process of implementation, 3 farmers were tested on control ponds and ponds using probiotics pH and toxic gas concentration of NH 3 were within the permitted limit, dissolved oxygen content was suitable to create favorable conditions for healthy shrimps, quick weight gain.

After 6 months of implementing the model, farmers confirmed that the use of probiotics in raising giant freshwater prawn has created many advantages, stable water environment, high rate of live shrimp, less disease and good development. . In addition to improving the water environment, ensuring shrimp development, productivity and profitability from the model has created an interest for farmers.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu Dieu - has more than 3 ha of farming area according to biological process, stocking density from 11-12con / m 2 , during the shrimp farming process, she periodically checks with her technical staff weekly. If the water sample in the pond contains many bacteria harmful to shrimp, then treat by beating high-dose microorganisms to control. As a result of the shrimp crop in 2011, Ms. Dieu harvested boldly, earning over 340 million VND, the same area of ​​3ha but the pond using biological products reached 200 million VND, and the control pond only got 140 million VND.

From this result, to improve the efficiency of shrimp farmers, gradually overcome the environmental pollution, reduce risks in aquaculture, Dong Thap province has a policy of planning and building many farming models. organic shrimp, microorganism shrimp farming, clean shrimp farming. This activity aims to improve product quality, create competitiveness in the market, especially for export needs.

According to Dong Thap Department of Fisheries, using microbial inoculants for raising giant freshwater prawn in the provinces in the province has been recognized by the industry, shrimp farming with this process achieves clean and quality get export demand. The department recommends that people actively adopt this model to increase shrimp production, without affecting the environment.

The development of farming giant freshwater shrimp in Dong Thap is becoming a strength after rice and pangasius for many years, many rice growing areas have become shrimp fields. In 2012, the province planned to raise 2,200 ha.