Vitamin 'chocolate' helps prevent stroke

Instead of eating chocolate every day, scientists have created a vitamin that contains anti-cardiovascular substances in cocoa beans.

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Pure chocolate is a useful dish to help us prevent heart attacks and strokes. That has led scientists to decide whether to study the 'elixir' contained in cocoa beans to become a remedy for heart disease.

Flavonoids contained in cocoa beans are considered as the "magic god" to prevent cardiovascular diseases

Dr. JoAnn Manson, from Boston Women's Hospital, said the substance contained in cocoa beans improves blood pressure, cholesterol, insulin and other heart-related factors in humans as Flavonoid .

Flavonoids are intermediate metabolites in plants, including natural compounds contained in foods such as vegetables, tubers and fruits.

Flavonoids are considered a clever combination of nutrients and they are only available in cocoa beans.

It is known that this Flavonoid cannot be found in products in the market because during processing, they are completely destroyed.

The National Institute of Cardiopulmonary and Mars Company decided to sponsor researchers to extract Flavonoids at high concentrations into capsules, making vitamins. At the same time, Mars Company decided to grant a patent for this study.