Whales on the Thai coast died of swallowing many nylon bags

More than 80 nylon bags, weighing about 8kg, were found in the stomach of a dead whale on the southern coast of Songkhla province, Thailand on June 2.

The whale was found washed up on the Thai coast earlier this week in a state of poor intolerance. The employees of the Thai Maritime and Marine Resources Agency have been working hard to help save this fish. But after 5 days of treatment, the whale did not survive.

Picture 1 of Whales on the Thai coast died of swallowing many nylon bags
Whales die on the shore.(Artwork of Mercury News).

Jutuporn Buruspat, head of Thailand's Maritime and Marine Resources Agency, said they are planning to raise awareness about plastic waste issues on World Oceans Day on June 8 and call on people to avoid Use plastic bags. He emphasized that the image of a whale killed by swallowing many plastic bags is a wake-up call for the use of plastic bags rampant in Thailand over the past time, seriously affecting the natural environment.

Thailand is the country with the highest percentage of people using plastic bags in the world. Recently, the Thai government launched a campaign to reduce the use of plastic bags and switch to recyclable bags.

According to the report of the United Nations Environment Program launched in December 2017, each year around 8 million tons of plastic waste, including plastic bottles, bags and other waste, is released to the ocean every year, Kills a series of marine creatures and enters the human food chain.