What did genius Stephen Hawking say in his last interview with the BBC?

Black holes, gravitational waves, and gold are what the great scientist Stephen Hawking mentioned in his last interview.

In October last year, there was an interesting announcement: for the first time, the researchers took a picture of two neutron stars colliding. And Stephen Hawking had an interview with Pallab Ghosh - BBC News science reporter. Here, he shared his thoughts on the discovery of gravitational waves, black holes and ways to create gold.

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Stephen Hawking and Pallab Ghosh.(Photo: BBC).

It turned out that the interview was finally broadcast before Stephen Hawking died last month, and the BBC recently published the entire interview. If you have no idea about colliding neutron stars, you can read the following narration by author Michelle Starr at the time:

"For the first time, scientists around the world have captured a collision between two neutron stars, 130 million light-years from us. And they do this thanks to gravitational wave astronomy, they located the event and helped the observers know the exact location of the collision. "

Even more amazing is that this is just the fifth gravitational wave ever discovered. Hawking's interview about this discovery caused us to respectfully admire the vast universe.

Talking to Ghosh, Hawking argued that the discovery of this neutron star's collision was 'a true milestone' . "This is the first discovery of gravitational wave sources with a corresponding electromagnetic field. It confirms that a short gamma ray burst occurs with mergers of neutron stars. From here, we have a new way to determine distance in cosmology. The event also tells us about the behavior of matter with extremely high density , " he added.

Hawking also explained the importance of this discovery to physicists of black holes."The fact that a black hole can be formed from the fusion of two neutron stars. Previously, this was known as a theory, but for the first time we have observed them ," said Hawing. to speak.

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Stephen Hawking.

'This merger could create a super-heavy neutron star shaped like a wheel, then they collapse and form a black hole. This event differs from other ways of creating black holes - such as in a supernova explosion or when a neutron star grows from a normal star. With careful analysis of theoretical data and models using supercomputers, we have the opportunity to gather more information about the intense formation of black holes and gamma-ray bursts , " he said. know more.

And finally, they ended the interview with the golden topic and why it was so rare.

"The collision of the throne is one of the ways to create gold. Gold can also be formed from retaining fast neutrons in supernova explosions. Where gold is scarce everywhere, not just on The reason why it is so rare is because, when the nucleus reaches the top of the iron, they are unlikely to produce heavier elements. "

Sadly, Stephen Hawking will not be able to explain such great discoveries, but we are grateful to him for providing humanity with a deep understanding of the universe. The knowledge he shares will continue to inspire all of us, and provide a solid basis for other prominent scientists.