What does the earth look like in alien eyes?

American scientists present images of the Earth when viewed by aliens from their base.

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The primitive shadows of Africa, Asia as well as North and South America can be seen in this sketch image.(Photo: Twitter)

This image simulates what astronomers see when they observe the Earth through a telescope from planets a few light years away from Earth.

Cornell University researchers (USA) use about 10 thousand images of Earth recorded by the Deep Space Climate Observatory 10 separate wavelengths in 2016 and 2017 to build the model.

Of course, no one at the present time can prove the accuracy of the sketch or the existence of astronomers at other planets.

But some people began to expect the turning points in the search for extraterrestrial beings that could take place after the US presidential election in 2020. In a recent commitment to voters, the party candidate Bernie Sanders owner pledged to decode all UFO-related documents if he became president.

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