What Google knows about you and how to limit it

Gathering information combined with machine learning and artificial intelligence tools to turn it into an endless data warehouse, Google can know you more than you think.

1. Google knows what is in your house

If you buy a new Roomba i7 robot vacuum cleaner, iRobot maker will create real-time maps inside your home. The vacuum cleaner will remember the floor plan by using Roomba's wheel rotation as a ruler and camera to recognize the furniture and walls. It stores data so that users can schedule work for automatic vacuums. However, iRobot also shared the mapping diagram data with Google to help the company develop smart home technology by understanding the room layout and device location.

2. Google knows your personality

The Google data can draw a vivid portrait of your people. Your age, gender and preferences are predicted by algorithms with impressive accuracy.

You can change personal data and personalized ads by Google by clicking 'Manage ad settings' in the personal information section of your Google account.

Every time you talk to Google, it will record your voice.

3. Google knows what you say

Every time you talk to Google, it will record your voice. The company said it collects this data to improve speech recognition software and only records it when users choose to participate.

You can find and delete all records of all Google voice search information by going to 'Voice & Audio' of the 'My Activity' section of your Google account.

4. Google knows who your friends are

In Gmail there are your contacts, Google not only knows who you contacted, they know who you like best.

Your Google contacts keep a record of who you have interacted with and it also allows you to delete anyone you no longer want to interact with.

5. Google knows what you see

Google acquired YouTube for $ 1.65 billion in 2006. What seemed expensive at the time was a bargain today, not just for advertising revenue. The company can also track exactly what you have searched for and watch on their video sharing service.

You can find the entire history of the videos you searched for, view and comment and update your security settings in the 'YouTube section of your Google Dashboard' section.

6. Google knows what you're looking for and knows where you browse

Google Chrome collects worrying about additional personal information. It knows where you are, the applications you have used, your auto-fill data and your favorite pages. Every website you visit is stored in Google Chrome and your Android applications. It knows what and when you search, the number of searches you have done and top queries.

It's easy to delete your search history, but that doesn't mean it no longer exists. Follow Google's instructions to permanently delete the past and limited Google crawls in the future.

7. Google knows most of what you have done with Android phones

Every Android device you use is collected by Google, your call log, messages, voice messages, where you went, browsing data and applications you downloaded from the Google Play store. .

You can find out exactly what is known and limit what is being tracked using the built-in filter in the 'My Activity' section of your Google account.