What is the 'alien creature' that appeared on Phu Quy island?

Regarding the disturbing creature, believed to be capable of warning of a tsunami that has just appeared on Phu Quy island, the leader of Phu Quy district (Binh Thuan) said that this species is essentially a squid (grandmother). blanket - PV). For Phu Quy fishermen, this squid is very familiar because they meet regularly, but other regional fishermen will find it strange because of its bizarre shape.

In the south monsoon season, squid of grandparents drift into the coast of Phu Quy a lot. Some people on the island spread rumors about cooking this species that is not cooked, but no one has ever tried it because they think it is very spiritual.

According to experts, squid grandparents are actually octopus blankets , living in deep water like the Binh Thuan Sea. This species has a scientific name: Tremoctopu s, an octopus in the Tremoctopodidae family.

The body structure of the species is very special, scientists call them 'alien animals' when there are three hearts and the beak is like a parrot's beak. Besides, the species has the ability to change skin color and texture quickly.

Picture 1 of What is the 'alien creature' that appeared on Phu Quy island?
Blanket octopus appeared on Phu Quy island recorded by fishermen.

In addition, the new creature appearing in Phu Quy is typical of the difference in the sex size, when the adult can reach 2m long and weigh 10kg, while the male only 2.5cm.

In addition to being much larger in size than males, the female octopus also has two longer fringes, the membrane is attached inside . Normally, they will not remove the membrane because it makes it difficult to move. However, when feeling threatened, they will let go of "weapons" to increase body size in order to threaten enemies.

At that time, they looked like giant blankets.

The octopus blanket is quite dangerous because its saliva is poisonous. Besides, the species also has immunity to jellyfish venom. In particular, the species does not last long, males will die immediately after mating.

After mating, the males will 'go their separate ways' and the males will almost die.

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When feeling threatened, they will spread the membrane to protect themselves and measure the size of the opponent.(Photo: Imgur).

Female octopus after receiving the tentacles from the male will store it in a separate fertilization chamber in the body. When the offspring are ready, the mother octopus will gush out into the ocean. Each pregnancy can lay up to 10,000 eggs but the number of baby octopus that survive then is not much.

Reportedly, in 2003, the time when the male breeding octopus was discovered on the Great Barrier Reef.

Currently the number of blanket octopus found is very small. They are most common in the northern, eastern and southwestern waters of Australia, but are also found scattered in many other parts of the world. In particular, they prefer to live in warm waters like the Pacific Ocean.

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