When do people often make unwise decisions?

A recent study by scientists at Dundee University in Scotland shows that when people are hungry, people are more likely to make unwise decisions.

The team conducted tests on 50 volunteers, each of whom will answer selective questions one after another on topics such as food, money, housing, and a number of sections. other material rewards.

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When hunger, people often make unwise decisions?- (Photo: SCIENCE).

Each topic will answer 2 times, once full, once hungry.

As a result, when hungry, most of the participants usually prefer small choices, often can be used immediately . For example, they only choose a hamburger instead of a luxurious party in restaurant 3 Why, or choose to receive a USD 50 note instead of a USD 100 note.

About 80% of hungry volunteers choose items that are 2-3 times smaller, even up to 10 times smaller, than normal decisions.

The test group asks participants to choose if they get double the reward in a period of time, how long can they wait for the maximum?

Normally, most people want to wait and are willing to wait up to 35 days to get double the reward. However, when hungry, they only want this time to be 5 days longest.

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Not only do decisions related to eating, even other issues such as money or housing, people often make unwise decisions when they are hungry - (Image: SCIENCE).

The scientists say this research points to a significant difference in the decisions people make when they are normal and hungry, something many people rarely realize.

Dr. Benjamin Vincent (Dundee University), who led the research, said the previous work showed that being too hungry affects the eating decisions of each person, for example, usually only choosing attractive dishes but low in nutrients.

However, their research shows that an empty stomach affects other decisions, including money. "Therefore, when it is necessary to decide important issues during an empty stomach, it is necessary to consider and consider the opinions of trusted people in order to avoid mistakes" - Dr. Vincent advises.

Research is one of many group programs conducted to find out the links between psychology and behavioral economics, from which statistics of customers' decisions can be made in the business. .

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